Cashy’s UAE Saves Week – Day 4 is ‘Save Energy Wednesday’

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It’s Save Energy Wednesday! Have you been switching off to get switched on? Did you plan a greener journey to work today?

Share a snap of your energy-saving activity or your utilities bill!

Watch your electricity and water bills fall by uploading a picture on Save Energy Wednesday!

Per capita water usage in the UAE is a staggering 550 litres per person every day, while the global national average is 250 litres. How much more energy are YOU using than you need?

So what do I need to do?

Snap your DEWA or ADWEA bill, your bike ride to work or your switched off appliances and become aUAE Saves Week champion!

What’s it all about?

Save Energy Wednesday isn’t just about saving money – it’s about making a greener impact on the planet and helping the UAE as a country to cut down on wasted energy.

Changing habits begins with starting small – dedicating just ONE day of your week to thinking in a greener way will mean cutting your carbon footprint AND lessening your bills!

Why not car-pool to work today, or bike ride or walk if you travel a short distance to the office?

To find out more about why Save Energy Wednesday is important, click here.
To find out more about our campaign goals, click here.

And these might help …….

It all adds up… to financial freedom!

I’m an energy Scrooge… and I like it!

Watch your electricity bills plummet!

Boost your home’s energy efficiency – and your savings

Save energy, save money

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