Caviar takes centre stage

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Caviar is considered a luxury delicacy and is eaten as a garnish or a spread. In 2012, caviar sold for $2,500 per pound, or $3,000 to $5,000 per kilo.  Image credit:

One part of the world is plunged into depression, financial and physical. Whereas, the other part of the globe seems to be in oblivion to the miseries. Have we really become so self absorbed and selfish? That people are not bothered about the millions of children who die in Africa and refused to spend a dime, but are willing to spend many times over for a dish?

A high end Japanese restaurant in California is offering a $1,200 dish containing fine caviar and topped with 24 karat gold leaves. The Decadence Staircase features Russian Sevruga, Osetra, Golden Osetra caviar and premium Beluga caviar, all artfully arranged along bamboo stairs. The newly opened Japanese restaurant Katsu in Los Gatos, Calif. offers the decadent dish, which also features the unique and expensive tastes of Pacific spiny lobster sashimi, Japanese Wagyu shabu shabu, but that’s not all. The dish is topped with 24 karat gold leaf.

According to an ABC News, Chef Katsuhiko Hanamure is a part owner and chef at Katsu, and he used his training by famed chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa to inspire the entire menu. “Pricing is based on market supply and scarcity of products that are difficult and costly to import,” Derek Schuette, the restaurant’s general manager, said of the dish’s high price tag.

There is nothing wrong in fine living and dining, many people say. However now that the world has become a much smaller place thanks to the advancement in technology have we forgotten our conscience? Or is it that we see suffering every turn we take that we indulge in such extravagant pleasures to hide it or shield ourselves from the realities of the world?

Source:UPI.COM, ABC News

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