Celebrating Women in Entrepreneurship in the UAE

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March 8th marks International Women’s Day. A day celebrating the accomplishments, achievements and the struggles that women have gone through. All around the world, this day represents an opportunity to honour women, while calling for greater equality.

For the International Women’s Day, UAE based startup Helpling.ae has compiled a list of some notable ladies worth mentioning to celebrate UAE Women in Entrepreneurship and recognize their ideas and accomplishments on the occasion.

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Nicole Rodrigues Larsen – Diva Modeling and Events

Nicole Rodrigues Larsen founded the Dubai talent agency Diva Modeling and Events. As a serial entrepreneur, she also founded Diva Beauty Salon, Diva Laundry and NM Investments. Nicole was awarded the People’s Choice award by SME Advisor Middle East and was listed on Forbes Top 100 Indian Leaders in UAE.

Nicole Rodrigues

Loulou Khazen – Nabbesh.com

Winner of the Entrepreneur TV show, Loulou Khazen founded Nabbesh.com, a website dedicated to linking freelancers with jobs. The website allows for job seekers to upload their portfolios and for employers to post jobs and search by tasks. Nabbesh is tackling the rising issue of unemployment that the region faces.

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Loulou Khazen

Rania and Zaina Kanaan – Chari Cycles

Launched by Palestinian sisters Rania and Zaina Kanaan, Chari Cycles is a concept that revolves around the recycling of vintage bicycle frames and turning them into functioning brand new bicycles. Customers have the option of customising their vintage bicycles by adding various accessories and paint. The sisters also work on providing children in refugee camps around the Middle East with bicycles to add joy to their daily lives.

Chari Cycles

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Hend Al Hashemi – 202gardeniard.com

Hend Al Hashemi, an Emirati entrepreneur, identified a niche market requiring organic and natural body products. She hand makes a variety of soaps, scrubs, oils, body butter and bath salts. While she produces in small batches, she has dedicated customers specifically requesting her products.

202 Gardeniard

Helpling understands the importance for women to be celebrated on this day and is offering a special deal with Diva Salon available on the website (www.helpling.ae). We believe every woman should be pampered on this day.

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