Child Safety: Points to Ponder

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These days, it seems very easy for parents to leave their kids unattended in cars, rooms or their homes. When heading to the grocery store nearby, a mother might say that it?s just a little errand I?m running, surely the child can stay by himself in the car for a few short minutes. What she doesn’t know is that she is knowingly putting her kid?s life in danger.

Teams from the Dubai Police this year rescued 18 children, who were trapped in cars, lifts or rooms.

Captain Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed Al Reyaysa, Head of the department of?the Hard Task and Rescue Team of Dubai Police, said that in most of the cases, the children trapped were aged less than five.

He warned parents not to leave their kids locked inside cars or rooms. He said that the police teams could reach the scene within 12 minutes after receiving the information as the police patrols are being deployed in seven main areas in Dubai. Cap. Mohammed also warned parents not to allow their children to play in lifts in residential buildings or shopping malls.

According to recent research, on a 20 degree day outside, a car?s internal temperature can rise by 75 percent in a matter of just minutes.?It can only take a few minutes for a child locked in a car to become seriously ill due to heatstroke or dehydration, which in some cases can be deadly. The danger of being left alone isn’t just limited to children getting overheated ? leaving the car running and the air conditioning on doesn’t make your child any safer.

In Dubai, it has been reported that many parents leave their?children in locked cars and go shopping.??During summer, if the AC is not working or shuts down due to lack of gas, the children will suffocate.

As recent reports suggests, rescue of a child from cars or lifts will take between two to five minutes as the police use specialised devices.??In case of children trapped in cars, the police may slightly break the window. For lifts, there is special key for each lift and the police use hydraulic cutters to open doors at home.

Leaving a child unsupervised in a car is a great risk ? they might put the car into drive, or even get caught in a closing power window. What parent or guardian would consciously put their childrens? lives in danger in such a way? Hence, it is essential to know why avoiding such situations is necessary.

Therefore, parents, please take your children out of the car first before worrying about the shopping or before you enter any mall and before you get home!

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