Chow guest stars in iPhone game

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The weekend saw Hangover Part II debut the theaters globally; and along with it, a character from the movie made an appearance in Mike Tyson?s iPhone game in a Warner Bros. promotion for the film.

A free update to the game allows fighting Mr. Chow (character played by Ken Jeong in The Hangover II) in Bangkok, and watching the full trailer and buying tickets.

The update is befitting because Tyson (played by him) was the breakout star of the first movie and makes a return appearance in the sequel.

It is reported that the update seems to have interested more into the game, which was available for download from March. Since then, more than a million active users have been registered with the game. It is these virtual items, along with the promos like the one for Hangover II- which will help monetize the free game.

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