Chrysler?s Upward Sales trend contrasts to the U.A.E?s fall in Car Sales

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It has been a year-over-year sales gain for Chrysler Group, with a sales of 93, 313 since last July. It is a 20% increase that has topped the 16th month of a continuous gain in sales.

Jeep was ahead in the group going up in sales by 46%. All of the five Jeep brands had gains, led by Wrangler, which held the record for the month by going up 43% with 14, 355 sold. The car sales increased 28%, while trucks increased by 18%. Reid Bigland, the head of U.S. sales and the CEO of the Dodge brand stated that, “I think that statistic is the ultimate testament to the progress we have made with our product in the areas of fuel economy, quality and design.”

Unfortunately for the? Chrysler Town & Country, the group?s redone minivan, has had a fall in sales by 20%, while the Dodge Caravan if down by 16%.


The Ford Motor Company, the sales have gone up by 11.8 % through the year. The Ford Escape SUVs sold the highest one-month total last month, with 24, 411 and the Explorer has sold up to 108 % since last year. Sales, however has slid for some of its brands, including the Taurus (by 9.7%) and the Mustang (by 9.1%).

General Motors has reported an increase in sales by 6%, a 1% increase in comparison to sales in June. The Chevorlet Cruze had a sales that topped 20,000 for the 4th consecutive month and the total sales for Crossover increased by 20% since last July. A steady growth for the manufacturers.

The sales for Toyota looks more grim in comparison to the other competitors of Chrysler. The manufacturers saw their sales decrease down to 19.7% since last year. The recorded sales for July was 116, 263 vehicles and on a raw volume basis, compared to July 2010, sales were down by 22.8%.

Middle East demand

In the Middle East, in terms of luxury brands, the Mercedes Benz had an increase in sales of 26% in just half a year in the Middle East. The U.A.E. has proven to be the largest market for the brand and in Qatar, sales was up by a whopping 140%.

Despite the general upward trend of car sales, Bill Carter, head of valuations of Autodata Middle East, an independent market analyst stated that, ?The market is on its knees.?? He speculated that in the U.A.E. the 20% deposit requirement that was introduced on all finances that are related to car purchases could have dwindled the recovering car sales. Although it has been reported that in the first quarter of 2011 the main players in the car industry have experienced an increase in car sales between 10-33%, between the months of June and July the car sales decreased between 33-50%.

To what extent this downward trend will affect car manufacturers world wide, only time will tell.

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