Cleaning Companies Sustaining The True Beauty of UAE

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dubai cleaning companies
Dubai Jumeirah Beach view from Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort. The UAE imposes strict law and regulations to maintain the beauty and aesthtics of the country. Photo courtesy-Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort

Surge of cleaning companies in UAE is the outcome of the efforts to keep the country clean and unpolluted for a better and healthy lifestyle. Other than the magnificent structures and tallest buildings, the most commendable thing in United Arab Emirates is the level of cleanliness maintained by the government there. They ensure every nook and corner of the country to be dirt and garbage free for which many cleaning companies provide their services.

To highlight the importance of cleanliness for Emiratis, massive cleaning campaigns are run by different official bodies to set a healthy and save environment for people to live and breathe there. The increased cleanliness and hygiene has not only improved quality of life but it keeps attracting millions of tourists to enjoy the spotless beauty of architecture there. The efforts of cleaning companies in UAE together with municipality and many cleaning campaigns are not negligible to admit the fact how they are sustaining the true beauty of country.

Being built on warm deserts, the country frequently encounters sand storms that enter every crevice and wrap everything with a thick layer of dirt. The credit goes to hundreds of cleaning companies and their efficient staff who wipe off this high volume of grit within seconds. The influx of tourists coming to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and other parts of UAE also contributes to the littering that makes major part of country’s garbage. Other than beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, resorts and tourist zones, the cleanliness of hospitals, schools, universities, commercial buildings, roads, streets, markets and all such areas is of foremost concern to safeguard better health of all people.

Municipality in Emirates has been taking initiatives to make an award winning ecosystem with proper cleanliness and waste management. Dubai Municipality had a crackdown on littering in March 2014,  that aimed to warn offenders throwing cigarette butts and other pieces of papers on roads. The campaign also focused to improve unhygienic habits of people such as spitting and having no regard for city’s cleanliness. The building owners were issued notices to carry out necessary maintenance work for buildings located near Metro, otherwise, strict actions are to be taken.

Emirates  Environmental Group called all community members in UAE to participate in most awaited campaign “Clean Up UAE 2013”. EEG also carried out its 17th Can Collection Day on February 27, 2014 with aim of beautifying the environment. In April 2014, Abu Dhabi Ports Company in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, called world’s largest underwater clean-up. Back in 2013, as the efforts are never ending for cleaning and maintaining the real soul of country, Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) also carried out an initiative under Clean Up UAE 2013 campaign. Similarly, ‘My Clean City’ campaign was launched in December 2013 and the “Clean Environment: Clean Life” campaign in May 2014 by the Al Ain Municipality together with Centre of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi (CWM), to target tourist spots and green areas in Al Ain to be cleaned by voluntary participation.

United Arab Emirates may not stand amongst the top 10 cleanest countries of the world but at Environmental Performance Index 2014 it is ranked 25 out of 178 countries based on different indicators. It’s not just the sanitation or air quality, The UAE’s Expo Live initiated in November 2013 also focused on the importance of clean water, with aim of bringing water-filtering technology for projects like Pure Home Water to be implemented in developing countries by Expo 2020.

Dubai has been struggling to cut down the quantity of waste generated in a year, for which Dubai Municipality has been launching ‘Clean up the World’ campaign for 20 years with the slogan ‘Our Place…Our Planet…Our Responsibility’. The campaign is carried out with support of hundreds of volunteers, government and private organizations as well as the certified pest control companies joining hands for the purpose. It has also implemented intense fines to litter recreational spots like Dubai Creek and other Dubai waters, after clearing tons of waste from Dubai Marina. Same as to minimize deserts litter, Dubai Municipality organized a 24-hour patrol campaign in December 2013, to check winter camps and other desert areas. Other than that, regular litter surveys are done for schools under the Eco-Schools programme to raise awareness for making their surroundings rubbish free.

A number of cleaning companies are also struggling for clean UAE, by providing cleaning, maintaining and maid services at flexible schedule. They provide staff to clean public and commercial areas, buildings, hospitals, hotels, educational institutes, warehouses, restrooms, apartments, mosques, churches and for other types of cleaning such as car parking cleaning, beach cleaning, kitchen cleaning, water tank cleaning, window cleaning, garbage chute cleaning, post construction clean ups, carpet or upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, mold removal, HVAC system cleaning as well as maid services.

The mechanical cleaning using professional tools, equipment and machines like scrubber dryer rider, rotating walk behind machines, walk behind floor sweeping machines, burnisher and single disc machines, vacuum, extractors, interim and other devices is performed by professional cleaning staff that includes cleaning and sweeping of big malls, roads, markets and sensitive areas like hospitals and food zones.

UAE is also battling to reduce the rate of waste per capita that was estimated between 1.8-2.4kg per person producing per day according  to the study of Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi done in year 2010. To deal with the hefty waste produced daily, several Environment and Waste Management Companies are committed for safe removal and disposal of all kinds of hazardous and non-hazardous rubbish that consists of solid and liquid medical waste, food waste, industrial waste, marine waste, or general waste. Some of the award winning companies provide waste management services for collection, transportation, recycling and dumping of the debris along with major concerns of environmental protection and beautification of Emirates.

To highlight the awareness of cleanliness and cleaning practices in UAE, CMEP EXPO 2014 (Clean Middle East Pulire) and EcoWASTE 2015 are the forthcoming exhibitions designed to find best possible solutions for sustainable waste management. The biggest exhibitions will bring cleaning industry and service providers under one roof to meet waste disposal challenges along with looking into ways to improve quality of life in the region.

It is the ideal cleanliness and best hygiene discipline that define true beauty of a country and healthy lifestyle of people living there. As UAE has emerged to be best tourist destination visited by millions of tourist annually, hundreds of cleaning companies and organizations are striving hard to maintain tidiness in its all seven cities for which many individuals, volunteers and clean up campaigns have also joined hands to serve the purpose.

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