Conceptual Photography – Images that tell a whole story

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Cameras capture ideas through their eyes! This phrase illustrates a photography genre in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. It is called ‘conceptual photography’. Few photographers are using Photoshop to edit and process the images but remember that all the magic happens with the camera. In this post we show some examples of photography to inspire your imagination.

A Creative Mess. Photo – Austin/
Almost. Photo – Kelc/
Anorexia. Photo – Aanty Ago/
Brainstorm. Photo – Davenit/
Bubu. Photo – Andre Arment/
Creator. Photo – Nate Dom/ 
Do you mind? Photo – Alexander Gubin/
Economic crisis. Photo – Bolandrotor/
Expanding the horizons of imagination. Photo – Monique/
Gone with her dreams. Photo – Moonlight/
Humans. Photo – Amin Roshan Afshar/
My Friends. Photo – Chibatullah/
One Way. Photo – LimpidD/
Oops! Photo – Hardibudi/
Please Talk To Me Again. Photo – Ario Wibisono/
Public Privacy. Photo – Christoph Hessel/
Reborn. Photo – A. Madestra W/
Silent Morning. Photo – Andre Arment/
Sleeping beauty. Photo – Asit/
Smoking Kills. Photo – Bugs22/
Take a bath. Photo – Andre Arment/
The journey. Photo – Christine von Diepenbroek/
Wanita Sangkar. Photo – Hendrik Kaprillyon/
Whichelo. Photo – John Andreas Olsson/
Yin Yang. Photo – Marco Benedetti/
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