Conference: Competency Assessment

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For an organization, having the right person in the right position at the right time is critical to its success. As organisations adapt to new changes in the market, they also have to make sure that their work force can peform under stress and pressure, therefore enabling the organization to determine fitness for a particular assignment and to anticipate possible problems, conflicts and difficulties.

For these reasons, Marcus Evans is holding a Competency Assessment and Profiling / Conference very similar to the Competency Assessment and Profiling Training it held in 2009. In this two-day conference, delegates will be familiarized by topics on how to interpret behavioural competencies as they apply on different staff levels and job expectations, prioritising competency assessment to be utilised as an effective measurement tool for accurate determination on employee growth there by making sure that all strategies are proven to be effective.

The conference?s focus will be to bring out people?s best efforts and ultimately the best performance for organisations. As competency systems are designed to answer employee-related questions such as knowing what skills and knowledge are required for strategic success and whether or not the employees possess these skills to meet potential business objectives; the conference will enable the delegates to work on crucial strategies and decisions, there by improving business performance and organisatioanl success.

As a whole, the delegates will be to grasp an idea on motivation strategies, leadership development and aquire vital skills to a competent work force and make sure there is an improvement in work performance and productivity.

Location : Hyatt Regency Dubai, Dubai

Country : UAE

Start Date : Jul 03, 2011

End Date : Jul 04, 2011


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