Connect The Dots By John Lincoln – The Region’s First Business Playbook For Small Medium Enterprises

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john lincoln writer
John Lincoln – Vice President for Enterprise and Marketing DU – writer of the book ‘Connect The Dots’

Connect The Dots by International business-to-business and marketing guru John Lincoln (Vice President for Enterprise Marketing for du) is now available at all major bookstores in the UAE. The book hit the shelves on Monday after the successful launch event that was held at The Emirates Golf Club. The launch attracted a number of influential businesses from around the region, many Small Medium Enterprises placed orders for the publication at the event to distribute to their organization’s. John Lincoln opened the book launch event with a presentation focusing on key chapters from his book followed by interviews with press, meet and greet with friends and attending guests from the SME sectors and an official book signing session.

“Connect The Dots” is a playbook for the entrepreneur, an everyday pocket guide to surviving and flourishing in business. Whether you are young or old, female or male, about to start your own business or merely thinking about starting your own venture, this book will help you see your path clearly.

This unique publication provides a wealth of experience that has been put together by the Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at Du Telecommunications, Mr John Lincoln himself.

John Lincoln’s business knowledge spans from a truly global perspective. A transplanted American, who has worked in several countries such as Japan, India, the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and of course the US. John has held senior management positions with global organizations such as Vodafone, Japan Telecom, Bharti Airtel and AT&T. With the diverse and challenging market conditions John continuously found himself hiring large multicultural teams. John has recorded his observations and applied the thought process in his forthcoming publication stating the obvious failures and success stories.

In his book “Connect The Dots “under chapter 28 Power of Virtuous and Vicious Cycles John Lincoln writes:

“Imagine that your business is expanding and that you need to hire a manager for your business. Assume that you had put limited or no due diligence on the hiring effort – i.e. no background check, no reference checks and you personally were not involved in the hiring process. Now you have an incompetent manager on board. In the main, incompetent people can be insecure and therefore highly ineffective. Experience shows that incompetent managers don’t hire competent people – they hire weaklings who do not challenge them – it is so, because they are insecure. Weak employees don’t strive for excellence– whether in customer care, finance, sales, marketing or any function. This will inevitably result in poor customer service, low sales, low innovation and poor financial management. As a consequence of weak marketing, sales, customer care and finance employees, the company will not be able to acquire new business, nor retain its customers, nor effectively manage its cash flow due to low or no new revenue (or leakage of revenue). All this is further compounded by the fact that the manager and the finance department are incompetent. The incompetent manager will now recommend to the owner that staff will need to be cut so that expenses can be managed to conserve cash. This will result in further erosion of sales, customer care and cash flow. It will obviously result in poor sales and therefore declining revenues, possibly lead to the bank withdrawing credit facilities. You are now unable to sustain the business and it is forced to close! As evident from this example, a simple act like not putting enough due diligence on hiring key employees ultimately could bring a business down. What would you have done? How would you disrupt this vicious cycle? Look around many businesses and it soon becomes apparent that this is not fiction: the wrong people get hired because someone liked their looks, ethnicity or that they came in cheap. Imagine the opportunity cost put on the table by these stupid and short-sighted decisions! Imagine how de-motivated the good, high-performing employees must be, watching an incompetent getting paid more than them while they slowly destroy the business.”

John noticed that there was a lack of basic industry knowledge and that he wanted to share his experiences by writing “Connect the Dots” in the most simplest of forms so that all businesses and individuals could connect.

John Lincoln:

“Most people start up their business and projects based on opportunistic decisions as opposed to a strategic decision, they don’t think about sustainability and growth, and because of that we see many business’s fail. This analysis got me thinking and led me to decide that I want to share my expertise and knowledge.”

“Connect the Dots” by John Lincoln is now available at all major book stores including Jashanmal, Books plus, Spinnys, Boarders, Kinokuniya and MaGrudys.

Author Profile: John Lincoln

With more than 30 years of senior level management experience in start-ups, telecom giants and technology companies across the globe, John Lincoln has experienced success and failures from boom to bust.

Currently, he is the Vice President – Enterprise Marketing for du in the UAE and has representative responsibility to deliver the B2B (enterprise, large corporate and SMEs) revenue and profitability for this telecommunications company that has changed the face of public telecommunications in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

John has witnessed the early days of telecommunications when a few kb/sec was deemed as high speed access. John foresaw the huge potential of the telecommunications industry as early as the 1990s, and therefore decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, after completing his MBA from the same institution.

John has a truly global perspective. A transplanted American, he has worked in countries such as Japan, India, the UK, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil, apart from the US. He has held senior management positions in global companies such as Vodafone, Japan Telecom, Bharti Airtel and AT & T and has had the privilege of hiring and managing large multicultural teams and working in different and very challenging market conditions.

Through it all, John has grown and learnt from his – and other people’s – successes and failures. He started and ran small businesses, risking a lot of his capital and working round-the-clock. But the businesses failed, because he “didn’t know what he knows now”. That led to him resuming his corporate career which he continues to cherish.

A keen and widely read blogger (, John turns his work and life experiences into easy-to-read and easy-to-adapt essays and guidelines. He is also a regular contributor to the SME Advisor Middle East, Kippreport and Intelligent SME, three publications read widely by the multicultural business community in the region.

John lives between beautiful San Francisco (where his family resides) and never-sleeping Dubai and travels across the world. He once used to fly single engine planes for fun, but now settles for voracious reading of business books, attempting to bridge the culture gap at a personal level and getting up to date with the latest technology and business ideas. An avid observer of good business practices, John continues to advise small and medium enterprises on what drives innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and growth.

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