Consumer price index (CPI) of Abu Dhabi up by 0.40%

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Abu Dhabi?s consumer price index rose by 0.40% in the month of May, due to weakening dollar against global currencies. The average price rise in consumer items rose by about 2.5% in the last five months compared to the preceding year.

The biggest increase was observed in the transport costs, which is about 9.9%. This in turn increased the food prices by 8%. Statistics Centre, Abu Dhabi, reported that the food and beverages group accounted for 52.7% rise. The main contributor was the price of meat, which went up by 14 percent, followed by coffee prices that rose by 12 percent in the five months period ending May 2011.The year-on-year price reached 120.8 points, which was at 117.8 points in the previous year.

The fruit prices also climbed by 11 percent in the January-May period compared to the price level in the previous year. While the vegetable prices rose 8 per cent, the mineral water and fruit juices prices rose by 9 per cent compared to the prices in the previous year.

In May, the prices for housing and furnishing items rose 6.6 per cent year-on-year. This has led to an increase in price for households of the bottom welfare group.

Dubai?s monthly consumer price inflation rate rose by 0.04 per cent in May 2011 compared to last month April. The transportation price jumped to 0.88 per cent, food and non- alcoholic beverages up by 0.53 per cent. However, the inflation declined by 0.24 per cent for housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel. Other commodities and services such as restaurants, hotels, and telecommunications were also down by 0.16 per cent.

Source:Khaleej Times

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