Coronavirus Research Index: Top 10 Countries into Covid-19 Research

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Coronavirus Research Index Reveals which Countries Put the most Effort in COVID-19 Research

With pandemic Covid-19 wrecking havoc globally impacting countries and economies, researchers and scientists in various countries are racing to find a cure and a vaccine for the disease. has launched the Coronavirus Research Index (CRI) to identify countries that are putting in the most effort in finding ways to manage the COVID-19 disease.

The index ranks the countries based on the number of active medical coronavirus studies that show which countries are actually executing the most research related to COVID-19 to understand the virus to find the effective means of managing the disease. According to the Index, China, the United States, and France are the top three countries leading in the number of active studies related to coronavirus.

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China leads in studying coronavirus

The CRI shows that China has 60 active studies, with the United States having 49 ongoing studies. On the other hand, France has 26 active studies. Idas Keb, a co-founder at Finbold, on the findings commented:

“Interestingly, the index also reveals that while there is some correlation between countries that have the most COVID-19 cases and the number of medical studies, the majority of the countries are still far behind on coronavirus research. For example, Spain, which is second by the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, is not within the top 5 countries in the research index.”

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The report features studies that are labeled as ‘Active’ on the database. The studies have a different status like Recruiting, Not yet recruiting, Active not recruiting and Enrolling by invitation.

The research index also highlights the study title, the status of the study, the institutions carrying out the study and the interventions placed into managing the condition.

Currently, the Coronavirus Research Index identifies 39 countries with ongoing studies on COVID-19. All listed countries have confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

Top 10 Countries into Covid-19 Research

Here are the top ten countries into Covid-19 research.

Top 10 Countries Covid-19 research

The other countries in the list according to the ranking are: Brazil, South Korea, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Belgium, Ireland, Romania, Taiwan, Egypt, Colombia, Norway, Iran, Israel, French Guiana, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Japan.

*UPDATE* – The United States Takes Lead in Active Coronavirus Research Studies

Since the initial publication of the report, the United States has taken the lead in coronavirus research. The US now has 104 active clinical studies, leaving China behind.

TOP 3 countries leading coronavirus research as of 16th of April, 2020:

  1. United States – 106 (Studies)
  2. China – 68 (Studies)
  3. France – 66 (Studies)
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