Cross Cultural Marriages: An Evolutionary Necessity?

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“They all broke the rules. They all crossed into forbidden territory. They all tampered with the laws that lay down who should be loved and how. And how much. It was a time when the unthinkable became thinkable and the impossible really happened.”

 ~ The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy~


“ The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy, is one of the most tragic love stories ever written. It tells the story of Ammu, a Christian heiress and Velutha, the coloured lower caste, Communist labourer who lived in a remote village of Kerala, India. Their doomed union catapults to unimaginable misfortune and tragedy to those around them. The central theme of the story revolves around the dictates of socio-cultural dogmas that bind us, and no matter how much we try to break away from the taboos of diatribe, it looms large, like an unforgiving shadow that finally consumes the last semblance of hope.

We have indeed come a long way from the confined worlds of Ammu and Velutha. Globalisation has broken down the barriers of race, colour, and caste, encompassing humanity into a single microcosm. Cosmopolitan cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris and others are epitomes of multiculturalism and are synergising the human social DNA to evolutionary epicentric proportions. Multiculturalism has come of age and an unconditional acceptance of pluralistic cultural dichotomies have become a global phenomena.

This has in effect given way to a rising trend in cross-cultural relationships and marriages, Darwinism and Eugenics notwithstanding. The Eugenic theorists and advocates of selective breeding argue that children of interracial unions will be weak and may carry with them dormant genetic defects. Hitler was a firm believer of this theory and ordered all Germans to protect their pure lineage to improve future generations. They believed that a perfect world awaited for those who were of a purer lineage. This was used as means to promote racial discrimination.

In an ever dynamic world, where one population may not have the biological genetic material to combat various environmental and other factors, there maybe another gene pool who are able to do so. Therefore interbreeding between these two pools will give rise to offsprings who will have enhanced DNA to survive unfavourable conditions. The two races are only adding to the perpetuation of species than risking evolutionary pattern. Interracial offsprings have the potential to receive the best of genes from diametrically different gene pools thus enhancing the evolution of the human race. Most often than not, unusual combination of beauty, intellect and talent are the natural outcomes of interracial/cross cultural courtships.

There are however flip sides to this as well. Cultural or racial identity crisis, discrimination, a loss of sense of belonging et al. But then imagine a world where you will not able to do a racial profiling of someone when you meet them for the first time. Caucasian/Mongolian/African/Dravidian, these races will no longer have any relevance. Racial mixing would have undergone a sea change, and what you will see, will be an amazing collage of genetic rehash. And then there would be no boundaries or prejudices, no hate crimes or love laws. No one can then dictate who should be loved. And how. And how much…

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