Daman and Al Noor Hospital Group announce the implementation of HAAD’s Pharmacy Benefit Management Initiative

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Press Release

Abu Dhabi, May 26, 2012: The National Insurance Company, Daman today announced the first full implementation of the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) initiative in pharmacies within the Al Noor Hospital Group in Abu Dhabi.

The PBM system, an initiative of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), is an automated third party administrator of prescription drug programs primarily responsible for processing and paying claims. In Daman’s drive for continuous quality and cost-effectiveness across the medical health system, PBM is an important milestone.

Al Noor Hospital pharmacies will now benefit by receiving automated pre-approval from insurers on prescribed medication using Shafafiya – HAAD’s dedicated transaction platform for healthcare operators and insurers – creating greater efficiency and enabling potential cost-savings. The highly-lauded PBM initiative forms the backbone of the E-prescription system which enables Daman members to collect prescribed medicine directly from pharmacies without any paper-based prescriptions.

Commenting on this major step forward, Dr Jad Aoun, Chief Medical Officer at Daman said: “I congratulate Al Noor on being the first hospital to implement the new system. The successful implementation of PBM confirms Daman as a reliable partner in the healthcare system and will help us deliver a more efficient service to our basic plan members. And I would encourage all pharmacies to implement the PBM system.”

Speaking on behalf of Al Noor Hospital, Dr. Sami Alom, Chief Strategy Officer said: “We are proud to be the first hospital to fully implement PBM in our pharmacies. The system will ensure a better clinical outcome for our patients while containing pharmaceutical costs. Al Noor’s ICT department and Daman’s Claims department collaborated to make PBM a reality. Our commitment to investing in information technology continues to put us ahead of our competition and makes us pioneers in Abu Dhabi healthcare. We thank Daman for their partnership in this initiative and look forward to working with them on future ones”.

Daman, who recently received their provisional URAC Accreditation, currently has 350-400 daily transactions for their Basic Plan members processed through the PBM system at Al Noor Hospital Pharmacies.


About National Health Insurance Company – Daman

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman, was established on 01 May 2006. Today it is the region’s leading health insurance company, providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to around 2,100,000 customers in the UAE via the largest network of private hospitals and pharmacies available.

Daman offers international standard healthcare insurance cover for both individuals and companies. A 24-hour dedicated Medical Authorizations unit, staffed by a team of doctors and nurses, ensures that provider enquiries are dealt with speedily and efficiently using the most sophisticated technology available. A second customer hotline, also open 24/7 and manned by multilingual staff, guarantees that UAE residents can access information about plans and their insurance cover whenever and wherever they want.

With an international network, Daman’s members/cardholders have access to healthcare provision in 47 countries across the world depending on the terms of their personal cover. Daman members/cardholders also benefit from Daman’s exclusive partnerships with Assist America, the international emergency programme. For more information, please visit: www.damanhealth.ae.

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