Data Scientist is UAE’s Fastest Growing Profession

Top emerging jobs in UAE
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LinkedIn’s latest report reveals the top 10 emerging jobs in the UAE, with Data scientist, full stack engineer, digital marketing specialist, cyber security specialist, and android developer among the hottest jobs in demand.

LinkedIn published a UAE-focused chapter of its annual Emerging Jobs Report for the first time, revealing a boom in tech- and digital-oriented professions in the UAE.

Data scientist, full stack engineer, digital marketing specialist, cyber security specialist, and android developer are all listed among the top 10 emerging jobs in the UAE, with technology and technical specialists ranking as 14th and 15th most in-demand jobs.

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By compiling data collected between 2015 and 2019, the Emerging Jobs Report offers in-depth analysis and key insights into global job markets and the fastest-growing professions in today’s working world.

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LinkedIn’s analysis is based on the public profiles of all LinkedIn users who have held a minimum of one full-time position in the UAE during the past five years. Once the talent pool has been identified, LinkedIn is able to indicate the roles with the largest share of growth.

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The UAE’s move towards technologically oriented employment and digitization are no coincidence. Powered by the UAE government’s strategies, such as the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Smart Dubai 2021 Strategy, jobs have been created and taken within new and emerging fields that will enable the UAE to realize its vision.

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The result, as the report indicates, is that 11 of the 15 top emerging jobs are within the digital and technology fields, which explains the growing value that businesses are placing on data to provide actionable insights and inform decisions as digital transformation continues across industries in the UAE.

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Speaking on the findings of the UAE Emerging Jobs Report 2020, Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn MENA and EMEA Emerging Markets, said: “The findings of the report are a testament to the successful efforts of the UAE to shift its workforce towards digitization and AI. With around four million members in the UAE, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to outline the direction in which professional roles are moving in the country.

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He added: “At LinkedIn, our vision is to create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. In this context, the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report serves professionals as well as businesses. It helps our members better understand the future of their careers and the skills required to succeed in emerging jobs while supporting companies and other entities in developing strategies for success in line with market shifts.”

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With this year’s Emerging Jobs Report dominated by digital positions, many of the new skills fell under the categories of advanced and applied digital skills, involving highly technical expertise or – at least – significant technical understanding. However, the report also looks at emerging skills and reveals that the demand for soft skills is likely to increase as automation becomes more widespread. Skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration, which are impossible to automate, will become even more valuable for organizations in the future, and will remain integral to digital roles.  Team management, negotiations, and creative skills were some of the unique skills for both digital and non-digital emerging jobs.

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The report reveals that the top industries hiring digital talent include information technology and services. The emerging tech talent are also being hired across sectors from financial services, automotive, education, retail, and marketing.

The Emerging Jobs Report largely defines the future of the workplace, allowing job seekers as well as hiring managers to understand the current employment landscape and workforce trends.

List of Top Emerging Jobs in the UAE

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Full Stack Engineer
  3. Customer Success Specialist
  4. Tax Specialist
  5. Learning Support Assistant
  6. Digital Marketing Specialist
  7. Content Specialist
  8. Cyber Security Specialist
  9. Digital Specialist
  10. Android Developer
  11. Analytics Specialist
  12. Commerce Manager
  13. Chief Marketing Officer
  14. Technology Specialist
  15. Technical Specialist
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