Design Days Dubai 2014: Redesigning Artistic Splendour [Photos]

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Third Edition of Design Days Dubai Draws Global Industry Elite with an Innovative Public Programme for 2014 145 designers represented through gallery installations, new exhibiting platforms, talks, and workshops – showcasing the best of local, regional, and international talent. The highly-anticipated third edition of Design Days Dubai is set to give visitors a design experience like no other; with direct access to prominent local and international designers and industry leaders, visitors will have exclusive opportunities to experience innovative works from the world of modern and contemporary design.

The latest edition of Design Days Dubai hopes to generate at least US$2 million  in sales and attracting 12,000 visitors over five days.

Design Days Dubai 2014 venue

Taking place at Emaar’s custom-built location at ‘The Venue, Downtown Dubai,’ at the base of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building from 17-21 March, Design Days Dubai will be home to prominent design galleries from the world over. With 40 exhibitors and four design brands from 20 countries– this year’s edition welcomes first-time exhibitors from Algeria, Austria, China, Hungary, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, and Portugal. The 2014 programme will showcase over 700 works from 145 designers – making it the world’s most diverse design event. A stand-out booth of the 2014 edition, Paris and London-based Carpenters Workshop Gallery will be working in association with famed Parisian antiques dealer, Steinitz, in order to recreate a wonderfully-detailed collector’s apartment, which will instantly transport visitors to another world. Guests can explore the three re-created rooms of wooden paneled-walls and high ceilings, with rare antiques from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries alongside todays contemporary design from leading designers such as Maarten Baas, Wendell Castle, Rick Owens, and Frederick Molenshot.

Design Days Dubai 2014 1

The fair has seen industry heavy-weights participate, including Southern Guild from South Africa, Korean _Croft Gallery, Californian-based Industry Gallery, and Victor Hunt from Belgium return, joined by Galerie Yves Gastou with their 20th-century avant-garde design, for the very first time. 2014 Design Days Dubai Highlights Several installation works and live performances will challenge perceptions on the understanding of design; with works by Tom Price, Michael Anastassiades, Giles Miller Studio, Benjamin Muzzin, and Elaine NG Yanling, as well as Chen Chen and Kai Williams, and gt2p (Great Things to People). A sketching robotic arm, TheObsessiveDrafter, located at the entrance to the fair designed by Guillaume Crédoz and Nareg Karaoghlanian, is sure captivate visitors on arrival.

Design Days Dubai 2014 The Obsessive Drafter
TheObsessiveDrafter is a tech-art installation that questions both creation and representation. A large robotic arm made of 3D-printed parts, aluminum tubes, stepper motors, drives and controllers, it draws murals and portraits on walls, and is able to work on a very large scale. TheObsessiveDrafter was designed, programmed and produced by Guillaume Crédoz and Nareg Karaoghlanian. It is autonomous and has the ability to feel human presence, establish eye contact, and immediately sketch a portrait of a person standing in front of it
During Design Days Dubai 2014 the machine will draw a 7m x 3m mural over five continuous days. Every time a human interrupts it, TheObsessiveDrafter will pause its work on the large piece, establish eye contact, and then draw the person, before continuing the main work. TheObsessiveDrafter is at risk of not having time to finish the main work, the machine groans at the disturbances. Photo-Mahsoom
Design Days Dubai 2014 Palestinian artist
Designer Nermeen abu-dail from Naqsh design house with her art work depicting villages of Palestine.
For Naqsh design house based in Amman, Jordan, the inspiration stems from both contemporary and traditional Arabic aesthetics, combined together with a high quality of local neat craftsmanship. Naqsh design house supports the women community in the Palestinian refugee camps in Amman,by creating opportunities through (Thawrat Turath collection).
In Dubai Design Days 2014 Naqsh Design House will introduce a group of leading designers from Jordan with their special designed pieces for the event, all produced and finished with local labour and craftsmanship from Amman.
Design Days Dubai 2014 Flow
Like the results of mineralisation—when organic sources meet and meld with other substances to make a new form that embodies the original—artists Chen Chen and Kai Williams cross-sectioned pieces interpret what happens when the mountains of forgotten excess and scrap material linger so long that they become fused. The artists discuss in their work the fact that, despite knowing that nature turns all its leftovers into beautiful stones over millions and millions of years, humans turn theirs in garbage in seconds. To change this course, Chen and Kay will teach in a workshop their skills of creating ‘fossils from mankind’.
Design Days Dubai 2014 Pipe Tree
The PP Tree Installation by Tom Price is both an expression of the capabilities of the material – polypropylene pipe – and an observation of our understanding and acceptance of beauty. The trees are not intended to be accurate representations of natural forms but to evoke an atmosphere similar to what one might experience standing amid a cluster of cherry trees in full bloom.
The longevity and ready availability of the industrially manufactured materials used to construct the installation stands in stark contrast to the ephemerality and natural beauty of the cherry trees and blossoms that it echoes. The pipes have to be bent individually, a laborious task employing a combination of heat and ropes to contort them into interesting shapes. The blossom is made from thousands and thousands of sections of pipe, which are individually cut then arranged on a specially constructed hot plate and partially melted on one side. This turns them into semi-flexible sheets that can be twisted, curved and fixed to the branches of the trees.
Design Days Dubai 2014 Marble Crisp
With his Marble Chips installation Michael Anastassiades has achieved the seemingly impossible: making marble look light and flexible. His inspiration for these beautiful chips – at almost a metre in diameter, they appear to be curled like rose petals – came in large part from the red cellophane fortune-telling fish that you used to get in Christmas crackers, which would curl up in the palm of your hand. Michael teamed up with the Tuscan marble specialist Henraux, of Monte Altissimo, near Pietrasanta, setting its technicians the challenge of pushing the limits of what is technologically possible while preserving the inherent qualities of the marble.
Design Days Dubai 2014 5
LESS CPP a project that explores the idea of how to create standard machines that generate non-standard results. The project mixes analogue numerical control with traditional material and techniques, integrated into one real-time process, and thus suggesting that parametric design is not necessarily a digital computation methodology. For this purpose, the studio works in the translation of computational logic and automation processes in the material world through an analogue machine that allow us to articulate physical variables in real time. Such variables include gravity, fluid weight, fabric tension among others.


Please don't tell Mom
This happy accident, caused by coincidently breaking a mirror during an experiment, lead to create the series titled ‘Please Don’t Tell Mom’. Consisting of five mirrors, broken accordingly and elevated by angles to form a 3D shape, explains the meaning behind the title of the series. The intention is for the viewer to have a broken and distorted reflections, or more so, reflections of several angles.

Design Days Dubai 2014 LED Lights

Design Days Dubai 2014Golden Wase

FN Designs (Dubai) will be showing the works of 10 UAE-based designers, as part of a ’10-100-1000′ initiative: 10 designers to produce 100 wooden stools, which will then be sold for $1,000. Tashkeel (Dubai) has challenged three young Emirati designers (Latifa Saeed, Salem Al-Mansoori, and Zeinab Alhashemi) to each develop a range of products to be exhibited at Design Days Dubai. Tashkeel has also partnered with Van Cleef & Arpels to present the annual The Middle East Emergent Artist Prize, in collaboration with Design Days Dubai; the competition was for regional artists to submit work under a theme of ‘Turning Point’, with the winning piece to be displayed at the Van Cleef & Arpels booth.

Design Days Dubai 2014 Golden Table

The Agence Algérienne pour le Rayonnement Culturel (AARC) is at Design Days Dubai for the first time; showcasing works from nine young Algerian designers with a fresh take on contemporary design, using leather, wood and copper as materials.

Design Days Dubai is offering a schedule of compelling sessions with some of design’s most influential figures, produced in partnership with the fair’s strategic partner, the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, and with the support of d3 Dubai Design District.

A key attraction of the 2014 line-up, the public programme of talks, workshops, and panels provides an opportunity to engage with world-renowned designers, including India Mahdavi, Rick Owens, Giles Miller, Andy Martin, among others. With an increased number of daily sessions open to the public, the 2014 programme offers design experts, enthusiasts, and newcomers a chance to step into the realm of pioneering design.

For the first time, returning Design Days Dubai sponsor, the French high-jewelry maison, Van Cleef & Arpels, will be inviting visitors to register for a workshop to experience the art of mock-up making – giving insight into the rich history of the maison’s jewelry métiers. In addition, returning sponsor Audi will also have an enhanced booth at this year’s fair, showcasing the best of German engineering and design. The programme also includes workshops by Dutch designer Rolf Bruggink, using traditional saucers; Casting Planters by New-York based Chen Chen and Kai Williams, an introduction to Paracrafting design by Chilean gt2p, contemporary carpet making by German Silvia Knüppel as well as film screenings of works from ten contemporary British craft businesses, brought by the Crafts Council; and a hands-on 3D modelling workshop lead by Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah.

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