Development of Lebanon Island on Dubai’s ‘The World’ completed

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Lebanon Islands The World, Dubai. More photos on Arabian Gazette's Facebook Page
Lebanon Islands on ‘The World’ Islands, Dubai. More photos on Arabian Gazette’s Facebook Page

The South African firm engaged in construction of Lebanon Island on Dubai’s The World has completed all development work on the project.

The Cape Reed Group of Companies, specialists in timber and thatch structures, announced that it has completed work on the Royal Island Beach Club, a Caribbean-style beach club on Lebanon Island. The project, seeking to attract high-income clients, is the first commercial development to open on Dubai’s famous offshore island project. The firm was contracted for construction of the main restaurant building with a seating capacity of up to 200 guests, as well as eight chalets, 10 beach umbrellas, and two cabanas for welcoming guests.

The firm used special pressure-treated timber columns from South Africa to build all structures, while a unique cape reed thatching was used for all the roofs. Talking about the project, Andre van Heerden, managing partner for Cape Reed’s Middle East operations, stated that, “the treatment of the timber had to be environmentally friendly as we did not want any chemicals in the timber treatment to endanger sea life surrounding the island. The entire process from design to completion took more than a year due to the lengthy approval process by the developers because of the uniqueness of the project”.

Lebanon Islands The World, Dubai, UAE. More photos on Arabian Gazette's Facebook Page
Lebanon Island on ‘The World’ Islands, Dubai, UAE. More photos on Arabian Gazette’s Facebook Page

The management of The Royal Island Beach Club, which was inaugurated last year, has expressed its satisfaction with the results. The Royal Island Beach Club is located four kilometers out to sea, and can be reached within half hour by water taxi. Featuring eight private chalets, an international cuisine restaurant, a swimming pool and two beach areas, the club offers an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere to visitors.

In the aftermath of global financial crash, construction on the offshore The World project almost came to a standstill as property prices in the emirates fell by more than 60 percent from their peak. While most of the buyers are yet to begin construction on the project, development is underway on the six-island Heart of Europe project and Lebanon Island.

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