DGFC closing down its fertility centre

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Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre (DGFC) plans to shut down their fertility centre following the decision of Ministry of Health to ban the practice of storing embryos. DGFC helped to bring out over 180 successful births. The centre celebrated these successful births in the year 2010 at its premises. However, DGFC continues to store the embryos for women who are considered as special cases. Other forms of in-vitro fertilisation will continue as per the existing guidelines.

The centre?s director, also a consultant in obstetrics, gynecology, and endocrine infertility, Dr Awatif al Bahar said that the ministry approached the issue from a sociological point of view and gave time to centre till June for final closure. However, he also pointed out that the centre did not have many frozen embryos as many were aware of the rule. The centre has put up request to couples for taking back their embryos via email and newspaper. While some of them have taken back theirs, some of them have left the country or migrated to a new location. The centre will wait for sometime before destroying the embryos.

The estimated pregnancy rate for couples who opted for in-vitro fertilisation was 40.5% and the rate using non-frozen embryos was at 49%. DGFC is the oldest fertility centre operating in the UAE and is over 20 years old. The rate for couples, both local and international clients,?is Dh22,000??for IVF treatment. The centre also helped couples with chronic illness such as cancer, to improve their fertility rate. One of the success stories involves a patient who tried to get pregnant for thirty years and finally succeeded after reaching this centre.

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