Dh 70b green investment for UAE

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UAE is looking at green investment, worth up to Dh 70 billion, in the coming seven years, Abdullah Al Saleh, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, told the media at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM).

?For 2030, the estimates for investment needs to reach a target range up to $1.2 trillion (Dh 6.3 trillion). In 2009 low carbon investment amounted to about $90 billion, most of which is primarily found in alternative or renewable energy, recycling activities and environmental technology manufacturing?, said Petko Draganov, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference.

?Green energy is very important for the UAE government as well as the government focus on key components to enhance green investment. Besides we need to set up strategic partnerships with countries that are more advanced in terms of green investment to transfer technology among them,? added Al Saleh.

He further said that UAE should adhere to the latest plans and policies in investment in Greenfield projects. FDI ion areas such as sustainable agriculture and renewable energy can help facilitate the attainment of basic human needs. They are all contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (Mugs).

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