DNA Integrative Medicine & Wellness Center: Abu Dhabi forays into Health Tourism

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St. Regis Sadiyat Island Resort where DNA Integrative Medicine & Wellness Center will be located
St. Regis Resort — where DNA Integrative Medicine & Wellness Center will be located.
Photo courtesy: St.Regis Island Resort

DNA Integrative Medicine & Wellness Center could turn out to be the UAE’s prime destination for Medical Tourism. Hailed as a landmark medical treatment centre, it will be launched May 14th, 2013 on Saadiyat Island. The centre will be based on the island at St. Regis Resort.

The DNA Integrative Medicine & Wellness Center will be an affiliate of  US DNA Health Corp, that has signed a leasing agreement with TIDC to provide various medical services, including recreational therapy, as well as treatment of chronic diseases. The centre will offer a new model of family health care based on the holistic approach — uniting leading-edge Western medicine, advanced diagnostics, and cellular therapies complemented by Eastern alternative modalities.

“Abu Dhabi represents a key aspect of our strategy; we share many values and we aim to contribute to efforts to turn the Emirate into a major recuperation and treatment destination for tourists. We look forward to building bridges of cooperation with tour operators in the UAE and other countries, mainly India, Russia, China and South Korea. These countries are considered key tourist exporters to the UAE.” — Dr. Nasim Ashraf, DNA Health Corp Chairman and CEO.

Dr. Nasim Ashraf said some German tour operators have already included DNA’s medical products in their promotional brochures for 2013-2014, adding that Germany already is one of the largest contributors to Abu Dhabi tourism and of other Emirates in the UAE.

“We believe that market is ready to accept our package which involves treatment, relaxation and recuperation as well as Golf games, free tickets to Monte Carlo beach club and stay in our partnership hotels and resorts.” Dr. Nasim Ashraf

Dr. Nasim spoke positively about Saadiyat Island, saying it is the ideal venue for the DNA centre, given its beautiful natural surroundings, sparkling water and clean, sandy beaches stretching over nine kilometres. He said a team of medical experts and scientists would manage the centre, which he described as “a new concept for curative tourism and alternative medicine in the region.”

The medical and health team will include experienced personnel trained in the United States. Dr. Kristy Higgs, an international expert in functional and integrative medicine, has been appointed as senior consultant at the centre. Dr. Kristy was previously an assistant manager at the U.S. Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Jack Kornberg has been named medical director of the DNA centre, Dr. Ashraf said.

With the recent boom in UAE’s Medical Tourism, the government is going all-out to help travelers enjoy their stay.

Dubai is the world’s leading destination for tourism and leisure — and since Dubai offers excellent healthcare facilities, medical tourism is an extension of the hospitality that Dubai is synonymous with. Unification of policies and processes will ensure smooth functioning of a dynastic health sector and will benefit both medical tourists as well as the healthcare providers.” — Essa Al Haj Al Maidour, director-general of the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) during a November 2012 conference with hospital heads, health chiefs and immigration officials at the DHA headquarters.

UAE’s healthcare market by 2015 is expected to become an $8 billion industry. Medical visas are currently issued for three months and can be extended for up to nine months. They cost Dhs1,120 and the renewal fee is Dhs620.

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