Is the Doomsday near?

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2012 Doomsday
2012 Doomsday. Photo courtesy: Sony Pictures

When the clock struck 00:00 on 1st January 2012, a feeling of melancholy struck many around the globe. The sole reason behind the dreaded feeling was the arrival of 2012 – considered as the Year of Apocalypse. But is this really a reason to be anxious or should we just ignore it as one of the several conspiracy theories floating around us?

Be it any of the Holy Scriptures, Science, or any other findings, they all have specified about the world coming to an end. But do you think it will turn out to be 2012 itself? Many of them have considered it as a life-threatening factor, whereas the others gave a deaf ear to this hoax! Let’s take a look into the primeval sources to find out the reality.

The Mayan Prediction

The ending of the Mayan calendar is one of the renowned signs of the Armageddon predicted on 21st December, 2012. The Maya Calendar consists of several cycles (counts) of different length. Each cycle is linked and has a complex type of calculation. The cycle which is going to come to an end on 21st is called the Piktun which consists of 20 B’ak’tuns (Long Count) when the calendar will show The next day, the calendar will be reset to to set a new start for the next b’ak’tun.

Some scientists say that the cataclysm on 21st December is just the misinterpretation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Whereas the others suggests that it is the end of life and re-birth. There were many skeptics who argued that the Mayan prophecies say nothing about death and destruction but rather about the beginning of a time of change and tribulation. Nevertheless, this sign definitely hints that something would happen on this day.

The Bible

The Bible does not specify anything about the end of the world to be in 2012. However, it says that just before the world comes to an end, resurrection of Jesus Christ, religious deception, wars, famines, disease epidemics and major calamities will be some of the reasons to cause Great Tribulation among mankind.

The Holy book, on the other hand, asks the humankind not to explore the intricacies of Ancient Mayan Calendars. It has warned not to get deluded by the rampant deception by those who claim secret knowledge and powers about the end of this world.

So therefore, we can say that, we need to be prepared mentally and spiritually for Christ’s return and the end of this world, every moment, not just 2012 but the years after as well.

The Holy Quran

The Muslim Holy Book mentions in Chapter 79 (verse: 42-45), “They ask you [Prophet] about the end of the world, saying, ‘When will it be?’ How can you tell them that? Its time is known only to your Lord. You are only sent to warn those who fear it.”

We can understand that Allah has clearly mentioned “known ONLY to your Lord”, which means that the end of world, no matter what research is done or advanced science is used, they won’t be able to give an accurate date.

Though Quran doesn’t mention the exact date, it has mentioned some of the scenarios which will take place when the end is near. Some of the signs include high rise buildings, people believing in astrology, time passing rapidly, increase in the consumption of intoxicants and the list goes on. Thus we can say that, after looking into these signs, the end is near but no one can foresee the date.

The Sibylline Prophecies

Sibyl who was a well-known oracle during her time who had also prophesied about the end of the world in 2012. Though she’s not well known at present, she was quite honoured during her time due to her ability to foretell accurately. It is believed that she went into a trance like state and God Apollo would possess her body.

Previously, many of her predictions like the birth of Jesus Christ and 2004 tsunami had come true. Many believe that Sybil’s prophecy about the end of the world might also come true.

Critics say she never mentioned a perfect date or a year.

Nostradamus’s Prophecies

Nostradamus is a well-known and supposed seer of the Les Propheties (The Prophecies) during the 14th century. His prophecy about the end of this world has got many polemic opinions.

There were a few, who believed that the following was his prediction:

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Now you all must be thinking, then why didn’t the world really end in July 1999? It is because the Julian calendar changed to Gregorian accounts for the difference. So, according to the Gregorian calendar July 1999 ends up to be December 2012!

Whereas, many others insist that Nostradamus’s prophecies went as far as the year 3797. So they believe that it is not yet time for the doomsday to take over them.


There are many predicted activities which people fear might strike us on 21st December.

Galactic Alignment: Many fear this alignment, which is going to happen on 21st December 2012, and last occurred 6,450 years back. It is simply a day when the centre of the sun will line up with the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Though science has not given any serious problems against the lining up of planets, we can certainly ignore this.

Solar Climax: This is something which even the scientists have admitted to be true – 2012 is proven to have the most number of solar activities.

Pole Shift: They haven’t found any scientific hints of a major pole shift in the near future but its occurrence could result in floods, earthquakes, and massive volcanic activities.

Major Calamities: As mentioned above, there are no clear scientific evidences to prove even the occurrence of major calamities, except for a few usual calamities.

Even though the motion picture ‘2012’ sends a cold shiver down the spine, it is just a movie and not reality.

A lot more prophesies and theories can be found based on this. But as we all know, death is inevitable! So instead of trying to make a ’21st December 2012 – surviving kit’ which might not be of any use, the world is really going to end and trying to make an effort to utilise each and every moment of your life doing noble deeds is certainly going to do good for each and every of us.

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