Drones disrupt Dubai Airport operations

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Air Traffic in Dubai halts for nearly hour due to use of UAV (Drones) in air space of planes, according to the official news agency WAM.

drones at dubai airport
Recreational drones disrupt Dubai Airport operations for an hour. (Photo for illustrative purposes only)

Air traffic in Dubai came to standstill for 55 minutes from 3:00 to 3:55 today as a result of malpractices of some members of the public who flew recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the air navigation passages of planes.

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director-General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), and CEO of Dubai Air Navigation Services, warned that these undeliberate irresponsible acts could lead to serious consequences as these UAVs pose a threat to the safety of air navigation and to passengers.

“These UAVs are strictly prohibited in Dubai air space for any purpose without a prior permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority,” he emphasised, urging individuals to maintain safety of air space and warning that legal action will be taken against offenders.

Dubai Police later tweeted to inform the public on complying with the laws and regulations regarding usage of toy drones in restricted areas.

Dubai Air Traffic Control Tower suspended air traffic and coordinated with Dubai Police, and took all precautionary measures accredited by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) on safety of air navigation. The planes were briefly diverted to Al Maktoum Airport.

He urged members of the community to observe laws and regulations regulating these hobbies and avoid practicing them in air traffic passage for the safety of air aviation in the State.

Photo Credit: @granvlog (Instagram)

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