Du set to launch 4G services

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As per reports, Du is all set to launch the High-speed 4G broadband services in UAE by year end.

Du’s only competitor Etisalat is also gearing up to upgrade its network to offer 4G services. The existing 3G network is designed primarily for voice data and 4G network is designed to carry more video and data on a higher bandwidth. With increasing demand for bandwidth hungry applications, 4G services is expected to satisfy those needs. As per the research company IDC, deploying 4G networks would not only enhance the operator’s broadband offerings but also future-proof their networks.

Du recently said it has just completed field trials in April dubbed Long Term Evolution (LTE), 4G technology capable of broadcasting broadband at much higher speed.

Fareed Faraidooni, Du’s chief commercial officer, said that the company is working to bring faster services to its customers. The company now commands more than 40 per cent of a market that enjoys 11 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UAE.

Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reported that that 17 telecom operators have launched their new 4G upgrades around the globe. Hatem Bamatraf, du senior vice-president, Network Development, said the hunt by du is now on for the most suitable technological partners to make the upgrade from 3G to 4G as painless as possible.

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