Dual Benefits of Saving

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“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” and “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”.

?These are some valuable proverbs that each and every individual must follow. Saving is the golden key to survive Financial Problems in this topsy ? turvy world. And did you know that by saving, you can reap double benefits from it? Let’s see how.

1. Free from Fees ? Set aside fixed monthly amounts like reserve in a small pot or piggy bank and free yourselves from the clutches of banks that want you to pay minimum deposits or account maintenance fees etc. ??

2. Go Green ? Switch off all the unwanted electrical equipments, avoid wasting water, use energy saving equipments etc. You will be doing something good for the environment and good for yourself (reduced bill).

3. Car Pooling ? Discuss and organize a car pool with your office colleagues. By dividing the expenses equally, you can save a lot on petrol and salik and also be a savior for those who have transport problems.

?4. Fight Obesity ?As per The Bulletin, WHO?s International Journal of Public HealthWell, the main cause of obesity in UAE is fast food and sugary drinks. So avoid?it and opt for healthy and home cooked food. This helps you to save and keep you fit and healthy.

?5. Millionaire ? UAE has got some great Sharia compliant saving plans like National Bonds, Mashreq Millionaire etc. So save and if you are lucky, you could get a chance to become a Millionaire.

6. Used / Unwanted Items Auction ? There are some great websites where you can register easily and auction off unwanted / used items. You can earn some money as well as well as get rid of the items that you don?t require.

?7. Home Beauty Remedies ? Forget those expensive beauty products and do some research on the internet. You would find thousands of home beauty remedies, tips and tricks. So be beautiful naturally and save money.

?8. New Skills ? Internet is an educational encyclopedia. You can find free tutorials from cooking to stitching, from craft work to gardening. So, no need to pay a tutor or an educational centre and learn new skills, languages etc. at the click of a mouse.

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