Dubai 360 – World’s Largest Interactive City Tour

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Dubai 360 is touted as the world’s largest interactive city tour

Dubai 360
Dubai 360 project is the first virtual city tour that exclusively uses fully interactive and immersive ??360 degree? panoramic photo, timelapse and video content. Image courtesy- Dubai 360


Dubai 360 project is a fully interactive tour of Dubai utilizing the state of the art 360 degree panaromic photos, videos, and timelapses.

Through the use of state of the art technology, ??Dubai 360? will redefine how cities are viewed and explored.

The virtual tour on Dubai 360 website will go live on 19th Jan 2015 (just a little more than an hour from now!)

Here’s some offerings include:

  • ?Dubai 360? will let you live in 360 degrees the thrill of skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah.
  • With Dubai 360, access to ??Dubai?’s most exclusive locations has been unlocked, including the ultra-luxurious Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab hotel.
  • Dubai 360 will let you experience the skyscrapers of the tallest block in the world, piercing through the sky in a thrilling 360 interactive video
  • With Dubai 360, you can now take a walk around Downtown ??Dubai? and experience this iconic location that covers an area of 2 square kilometers from the comfort of your couch
  • You can take an interactive trip on the longest driver-less metro network in the world while you soak up the stunning views of ?Dubai?.
  • You will be able to dive into the ?world’s largest shopping mall – ?Dubai? Mall’s Aquarium and have close encounters with 70 different marine species in a breathtaking 360 degrees video.
  • Allow you to take a virtual tour of the city and explore it’s hidden treasures, such as the Souk Al Bahar.

So, basically you can explore the length and breadth of Dubai wherever you are in the world. Dubai 360 website will have fully interactive 360 degree panoramic photos, time-lapses and videos.

Missed the world record breaking LED show and fireworks display at Burj Khalifa on New Year eve? Dubai 360 has got it covered! These were captured using carefully orchestrated set of drones to get the full effect of the fireworks.

Dubai 360 has released a few sample teasers. But first, here’s a time-lapse video of Dubai Airport.

VIDEO: A breathtaking time-lapse of Dubai international Airport.

A time-lapse video of Dubai International Airport in the space of 24 hours with every frame warped into a “Little Planet” projection.

Featuring groundbreaking technology with exclusive fully interactive & breathtaking 360 degree panoramic photos.

If you watch carefully, you will notice that the Little Planet actually makes exactly one rotation over the 24 hours of real time. Terminal 3 at the airport acts as an hour hand on a 24 hour clock, with midnight at the top, and midday at the bottom, so you can tell exactly what time every single frame was taken!

VIDEO: Dubai 360 Sample Tour

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