Dubai Airport sees Substantial Increase in Air Traffic

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Dubai International Airport sees Substantial Increase in Air Traffic Percentages to usher in the New Year

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Recession and increased fears of global economic meltdown may be cramping several economic sectors in various countries and metropolises across the world, but despite these threats, certain sectors in many regions are indeed doing quite well for themselves.

The Dubai International Airport recently published statistical figures for incoming and outgoing aviation traffic for the year 2013 which showed record surging not just for passenger traffic, but also for freight traffic.

As compared to the statistical tabulations of 2012, there was an increase of over 15% in the incoming passenger traffic into the Dubai International Airport which is expected to rise even more in 2014. In entirety, the actual number of incoming passenger traffic to the Dubai airport stood at over six billion. In the month of December itself, there was an over 15% increase in the inbound passenger traffic with figures crossing the six million mark.

Alongside these significant boosts, there was an increase in the number of destinations thanks to efforts of two of Dubai’s leading aviation companies – Emirates and Fly Dubai. Simultaneously, the year saw a growth in the number of passengers in each craft as compared to figures received for the previous year (2012).

As far destination statistics were concerned, country-wise outbound traffic was the most in India, with over eight million passengers followed by the United Kingdom with over five million passengers and Saudi Arabia with over four million passengers. In terms of city-wise outbound traffic numbers, the most prolific destination was Doha with over two-and-a-half million passenger traffic followed by London with over two million passengers and Kuwait with over one-point-eight million passengers.

Freight traffic routed via the Dubai International Airport increased by nearly seven percent in 2013 as compared to the freight traffic numbers recorded in 2012. According to the CEO, these impressive figures and upward trends have been the result of cumulative and all-round developmental avenues that been effectuated in the airport hub. Further developmental plans are on the pipeline for 2014 which is expected to boost the traffic numbers and percentages further, even more strongly.

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