Dubai best place to work

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A new survey of oil and gas professionals has rated Dubai as the most desired location to work in the world.
Dubai is number one on the list, as the most desirable city in which to work.

A new survey of oil and gas professionals has rated Dubai as the most desired location to work in the world.

The survey of 8000 professionals in the oil and gas industry was conducted by Rigzone, which is a premier online resource for oil and gas information, data and talent recruitment. Rigzone, a Dice Holdings Inc. service, is dedicated to providing in-depth information on exploration, drilling and production markets through its highly-skilled and experienced energy professionals.

The government of Dubai expects the economy to grow at an average rate of around 4.6 percent between 2012 and 2015. The city is also undertaking major projects to increase the number of visitors to 20 million by 2020, while other tourism-related initiatives are expected to triple the sector’s contribution to GDP.

Dubai was followed by North America’s Calgary and Denver as the second and third most popular cities due to a fine work-life balance. The cities, located close to major conventional and unconventional oil and gas reserves, offer inhabitants easy access to mountain recreation and a modern-city lifestyle.

Asian cities occupied other positions in the top ten rankings. Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur were ranked fourth, fifth, eighth and ninth respectively. The tenth position was held by the Egyptian city of Cairo. Surprisingly, western European cities such as Aberdeen and Stavanger failed to make the top ten charts. Rapidly growing Eastern European cities of Baku and Azerbaijan were also missing from the list.

According to Paul Caplan, President of Rigzone, “Oil and gas professionals have always understood the potential for travel and foreign postings that this global industry offers. The decision now is not so much where in the world energy professionals wish to base their career, but how many locations will they choose during their careers.”

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