MeetD3: Celebrating Design and Creativity

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Dubai Design District is in its nascence at the moment, but have opened it for the public through a 3 day #MeetD3 event for fun, fashion, design, food and music.


#MeetD3 – What’s on offer

According to Mohammed Al Shehhi, COO of Dubai Design District, while speaking to Dubai Eye Radio during the Business Breakfast Show said: #MeetD3 is a community event done by the community for the community.

“We want to give the public a feel of what d3 will be and what it will look like when it’s fully operational.” says Al Shehhi

Most of the designers exhibiting during the #MeetD3 event are already the tenants of d3.

d3 project has three different phases and right now it’s phase I. Four buildings will be handed over next month and more in the coming months, completing phase I of the project. There are 11 buildings with around 2 million sq. ft. in Phase I and almost 50-60% are already let out.

Phase II will also begin this month and is expected to complete by 2017. Phase III will be completed by 2019.

Dubai Design District – Point of Differentiation

d3 aims to be the hub for designers.

According to Al Shehhi, Dubai Design District was formed with a lot of focus group and inputs from industry experts and feedback from the community.

Basically, d3 will have all the supporting functions such as co-working space, events space, fabrication space and design schools — all of which to create an eco-system for fostering design and creativity.

So who’s moving into d3? Al Shehhi said it’s a mix of fashion designers, interior design companies, luxury retail companies and art companies who has already started their fit-out work and setting up their shop in d3. Some of the big brands whohave moved to d3 includes the Chalhoub group, Jumeirah Group, Moncler, Lasvit (glass design), Micheal Cinco.

d3 A fun place for Business and Leisure

There are several business hubs and freezones in Dubai catering to different sectors. d3 will be different in the sense it will be bustling with activities both during the business hours and after hours.

“We want the place to be active during working hours and also after hours. We don’t want it to be a business park and then a ghost town at night. We want it to be an active place at night where people can go and appreciate the work of designers.” Al Shehhi said.

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