Dubai Dubai Duty Free sales up 12%, hits $438 million in Q1

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Increased retail footprint helps increase Dubai Duty Free sales by 12% this quarter

 Dubai Dubai Duty Free on monday announced it sales were up 12% for the first quarter of this year.
Shoppers throng Dubai Duty Free stores at the Dubai International Airport. Dubai Duty Free announced sales were up 12% for the first quarter of this year.

Dubai Duty Free sales reach Dhs1.6bn ($438m), representing a 12% increase over the same period last year and signaling an excellent prospect for the retailer’s 30th-year in business.

With the opening of the Terminal 3, Concourse A, in January 2013, Dubai Duty Free‘s retail footprint at Dubai International grew from 18,000 square metres to the current 26,000 square metres.

Commenting on sales so far this year, Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman of Dubai Duty Free said: “We have had a very good start to the year and no doubt the opening of Concourse A has contributed towards this. The new facility has been extremely well received by passengers and it has enabled us to introduce a number of firsts, including a retail offer in the Emirates First Class lounge in Concourse A, which is doing very well. We have also been able to extend our existing product range and introduce some new brands, some of which are unique in the region.”

In Terminal 3, which is dedicated to Emirates operations, sales rose by 19% and continue to be the biggest in terms of cumulative sales for Dubai Duty Free, accounting for 61% of total turnover. But, the average spend of passengers in Terminal 1, which accounts for 31% of sales, is higher. Sales in Terminal 2 rose by an impressive 22% for the first quarter.

Liquor, Perfumes and Gold held on to the top three spots in the first quarter of the year. Significant sales increases were evident in many categories, including Perfumes which rose by 16% to reach Dhs246m ($67m).

Confectionery sales also rose by 16% to Dhs130m ($36m), Electronics rose by 12% to reach Dhs119m ($33m), while Cosmetics sales rose by 13% to reach Dhs109m ($30m) and Watches by 23% to reach Dhs99m ($27m).

In line with its recent expansion of the retail operation, recruitment at Dubai Duty Free continued apace in the first quarter of 2013 with 648 new sales assistants appointed, bringing the total staffing levels to 5,717.


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