Why Dubai ought to win Expo 2020

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Dubai is in a festival mood. Jubilation will erupt if the glamour city wins the Expo 2020 bid today. The winner will be announced by the Bureau International des Expositions, BIE in Paris UAE time around 9 pm.

dubai expo 2020
Should Dubai bid to host the Expo 2020 be successful, the city is surely going to celebrate it in style.

Should Dubai’s Expo 2020 bid be successful, it will lay strong economic foundation for the ever-ambitious city. Though Dubai has limited oil reserves,  Expo 2020 will hugely increase the trade and economic activities for the next 10 years and more.

Even though the Expo is not as big as the Olympics or the World Cup Football, the economic benefits that it could bring to the city of Dubai and the UAE will be far more significant than any other world event. An Expo win is not only a win for Dubai and the UAE, but for the entire region.

The massive campaign Dubai has undertaken could become a classic Harvard MBA case study. Right from the moment Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammad announced plans to bid for the Expo 2020, the Dubai team under the leadership of Emirates Airline chairman Sheikh Ahmed and Reem Al Hashmi has been working tirelessly to get this far. We believe it would be indeed one of the best presentations that Dubai has ever produced, when it will be presented today before the voting. If you are into branding or marketing, you should definitely try to get hold of the presentation if you can.

By doing so, Dubai has even helped the Expo brand. There is so much buzz in the city and in the country about the Expo. Not only that, the campaign utilized the online marketing so well that #Expo2020 and #Dubai hashtags has been trending for quite some time now and dwarfs the campaigns of other competing cities, especially Izmir (Turkey) and Yekaterinburg  (Russia).

As of today, Dubai Expo 2020’s Facebook page has got over 755, 700 Likes and over 63,600 Followers on Twitter, clearly showing how the campaign has been massively successful on social media.

Here are our top reasons on why Dubai will win the Expo 2020

1. The Brand Dubai. Dubai is a go-getter. No other city can claim to be as glamorous as Dubai.
2. The world in general would prefer to host Expo 2020 in a visitor-friendly and safe city like Dubai and the UAE.
3. Compared to the other competing cities, Dubai and the UAE are far more favoured by the Western countries.
4. Dubai is already an “exhibition city”. Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) Exhibition and Convention centre alone organizes numerous world-class exhibitions every year. In 2012, 36,996 companies from over 130 countries participated in events at DWTC during the year, while the record visitor numbers were drawn from 186 countries.
5. And, the biggest reason – the support and prayers of millions of residents in Dubai and the UAE, and its well-wishers around the world.

What is World Expo

Every five years World Expos attract millions of visitors from around the world who connect, explore, share ideas and witness marvelous technologies and also the events staged by hundreds of participants including national and international organizations and businesses.

From the time when World Expo was inaugurated in London in 1851, it continues to be a platform for nations and promises to make cultural, social and economic transformation for the country hosting it.

World Expos strengthen  universal connections, celebrate cultural diversity and the technological wonders. The Shanghai 2010 World Expo helped transform an industrial city center area into a thriving cultural and commercial hub. For the host city, the World Expo would be a major leap in time.

The 2010 Shanghai Expo drew over 73 million people from 246 countries. The Expo itself generated a surplus of $164 million dollars. But industry experts predicts that the cascading effect on other sectors the Expo will bring to Dubai and the UAE will be much more than that.

Dubai which is competing against Sao Paolo (Brazil), Izmir (Turkey) and Ekaterinburg (Russia) stands out with its harmonious and extreme culturally diverse social environment, bidding under the theme “connecting minds, creating the future”. Hosting Expo 2020 wouldl be a remarkable legacy for Dubai, already an international brand and a destination for millions of tourists around the world.

This is what some of the prominent personalities have to say about Dubai winning the world expo and at the same time endorsing their support:

Italy: The host of 2015 World Expo

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta expressing his country’s support in a letter to Dubai ruler wrote:

“In a world more and more integrated and interdependent the UAE metropolis where around 200 nationalities live and work in harmony to build a common project, represents an outstanding model in tune with the theme chosen for expo.”

Former US President Bill Clinton:

“Dubai is in a strong position to win the bid for Expo 2020 thanks to the UAE’s achievements and its cultural diversity.”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has personally endorsed Dubai’s bid saying the city would be a great location to host a world expo.


In a statement released by French city Lyon it backed Dubai because of the city’s exceptional developments its ambitions outlook and constant quest for innovation.

Boris Johnson, London mayor on supporting Dubai’s bid said:

“It’s not a one way street our support will definitely help more than 4000 British companies operating here.”

Salman Khan Indian film icon in an interview said:

“Personally for me Dubai is like home, I love the people, the vibe and the energy of Dubai. He further said that expo 2020 will do a lot for Dubai but I believe Dubai will do a lot for expo 2020.”

A tweet was recently posted by ex Bay Watch star Pamela Anderson and here is what she had to say:

“I back Dubai to win world expo bid in 2020.”

David Cameron one of the most vocal supporters of UAE’s bid even lend out his support in person during an official visit to Dubai prior to the air show in November.

John Braid Canada’s former minister said in a statement,

“Dubai is the best place to bring together the most diverse group of people from around the world to share ideas, aspirations and solutions for the future”.

The minister of foreign affairs Frans Trimmermans  said in a statement:

“The Netherlands was extremely impressed with the efforts the UAE has invested in. their bid for expo 2020, the plans and strategy that UAE has put are remarkable.”

All candidates bidding to host the 2020 world expo come from emerging market, it is truly believed that Dubai has something better and different to offer however some skeptics believe that the cost of hosting expo 2020 might effect Dubai’s economy in a negative way following another economic bubble.

The total funding requirements for Dubai expo 2020 is estimated at 8.8 billion across short and long term financial need. An independent report has shown that Dubai Expo 2020 would create  more than 270,000 jobs between 2013 to 2021.

Arabian Gazette’s team has curated on Storify the top news, tweets and photos from people who support Dubai’s bid to win the Expo 2020.

Special Report on Dubai’s bid to host the Expo 2020 – by Arabian Gazette




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