Dubai success story inspires Africa

Dubai. Image Courtesy: Daniel Cheong
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Dubai. Image Courtesy: Daniel Cheong
Dubai. Image Courtesy: Daniel Cheong

An African government official says African countries view Dubai as a role model city in terms of developing sustainable policies and strategies.

These remarks were made by Victoire Ndikumana Minister of Trade, Industry, Posts and Tourism for Burundi, on the eve of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2013). The event is scheduled to be attended by representatives of sixty African countries and will be held from April 30 to May 2, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Dubai, UAE. The event provides a forum to discuss investment opportunities in the UAE and measures to achieve sustainable development in African sectors, such as infrastructure, energy, agriculture, mining and tourism.

According to the Minister, the forum will be of particular importance to Burundi as “we will present foreign investors with the progress made by our country in the promotion of trade and investment and we invite them to visit Burundi in order to assess for themselves the business environment in Burundi.” In recent years, the trade between Burundi and the UAE has grown significantly and can be further developed in areas of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, and coffee and tea production.

Although African countries have struggled to achieve steady economic progress on account of several years of civil war and political crisis, the region is now relatively peaceful and stable. As local governments are keen to rebuild the country, global investors will find lucrative opportunities in the areas of social reconstruction and economic development. However, the continent faces steep challenges in fighting rampant poverty, unemployment, energy poverty and poor transportation infrastructure.

African countries appreciate the role that was played by Foreign Direct Investment, in promoting Dubai as a regional and global business hub. Therefore, the African countries are keen to openly welcome all potential investors and undertake broad reforms to strengthen their economy. AIM 2013 is expected to serve as a platform where African countries can learn from Dubai’s experience of attracting investment to a business-friendly climate.

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