Dubai Food Festival: Connecting the World Gastronomically

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The Dubai Food Festival is gastronomists’ paradise enriching their palate and their culinary experience beyond compare.

dubai food festival

Foodies mark your calendars!!!

For three weeks, from 21st February to 15th March, the Dubai Food Festival will be on, presenting the entire world on a platter for locals and tourists alike to experience and enjoy.

To put the event in such simple terms would however be an understatement. Because, in reality, the Dubai Food Festival is so much more than being just an avenue for showcasing global foods and cuisines. It is a one-of-its-kind meeting point where formality in the manner of various business activities interacts and mingles with informality in the name of fun, recreation through the festivities of the food festival.

This year, the Dubai Food Festival marks the initiation of the Big Grill – a highly awaited restaurant and the Dubai Food Carnival – where the cultural melting pot of Dubai will be reflected in the presentment of myriad cuisines from across the globe.

If these two events can be regarded as the most delicious icing on top of the proverbial cake, the richness of the cake needs to be elaborated even more deeply so as to bring out its flavour so to speak.

Known as a destination that connects people from over the world and from all walks of life, the Dubai Food Festival this year takes us on a culinary sojourn traversing across the Asia, Europe and South America. The Food Festival will be kick-started with the taste and feel of Keralite palate – a culinary memoir to the presence of vast numbers of Keralites living in the city and other Middle-eastern regions.

The Food Festival will feature several Michelin starred chefs and restaurateurs, our knowledge of whose expertise in the field is otherwise restricted to television shows and cook-books. At the Dubai Food Festival, patrons can enjoy to the fullest some of the choicest recipes of such internationally renowned experts of the art of gastronomy.

The value addition of other interspersed festivities like the culinary literary fest featuring some of the prominent chefs in the world; the photographic funfair sporting some of the best known talents in the domain of photography and the boating show highlighting the grandeur of several eloquently designed and constructed yachting vessels sum up the event’s majestic appeal.

And elevate it to a thorough perfection to hold the entire world spellbound without any exceptions!

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