Dubai launches massive UAE-wide campaign for Expo 2020

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Dubai launches massive UAE-wide campaign to raise public awareness about Expo 2020

Organisers of Expo 2020 have launched a new massive campaign aimed at raising public awareness about the impact of Expo 2020 Dubai, including a competition to design a new logo for the event.

Titled ‘For Everyone’, the campaign will start from March 1, 2015 and is expected to increase the levels of public engagement in the mega event. “The campaign is designed to allow the UAE public to engage with and learn more about Expo 2020 Dubai and the rich history of the World Expos,” said Reem Al Hashemi, UAE Minister of State and Board Representative of the Dubai Expo 2020 Higher Committee and Director General of the Bureau Dubai Expo 2020, at the campaign’s launch event in Dubai on Saturday.

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“We wanted to give people across the UAE the chance to truly express their interpretation of everything the UAE and Expo 2020 embodies, and help create our emblem to the world,” she added.

“We are on a remarkable journey together. We all share our path in shaping this vision, and in determining how Expo 2020 Dubai will be for all, making it an once-in-a-lifetime event that will leave behind a truly transformational legacy that touches everyone.” As part of the initiative, about 21 towering structures will be placed across various locations such as major shopping malls, leisure hubs and business centres in the emirate.

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The sculptures, which will be three to six metres high, will have interactive screens that will allow the public to learn about the Expo themes and the impact that previous expos had on societies.

On March 22, all 21 sculptures will be joined together to create three giant structures representing the sub themes of the Expo and will be subsequently put on display.

The art sculptures exhibited during the campaign will be designed by artists from around the world.

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“Art is universal in its appeal and understanding. We hope the expression of our theme and subthemes through the eyes of the world’s artists will spark dialogue around the challenges that impact our daily lives and connect the community,” she said.

VIDEO: Stunning illustrated sculptures explore Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability – the subthemes of Expo 2020 (courtesy-Dubai Expo 2020)

“We hope the expression of our theme and subthemes through the eyes of the world’s artists will spark a dialogue about the challenges that impact our daily lives and connect the community.” ”Among other initiatives, Dubai is also planning to launch multi- emirate interactive experience zones on April 10. The launch will also mark the 2,020 day countdown to the Expo 2020 opening day,” she added The experiential roadshow zones – a part of the inter emirate initiative- will educate the public on the impact of previous expos and will build awareness on how the event will impact Dubai as the host city.

The public can also share their thoughts on the Expo on social media networks under the hashtag #expo 2020.

The launch of the ‘For Everyone’ campaign is expected to be an awareness building and engaging series of public activities that will support the UAE and Expo 2020’s participation in Italy’s World Expo – Expo Milano 2015 – taking place May 1st to the end of October. The UAE will have a country pavilion within Expo 2015, focusing on the UAE’s efforts to address food and hunger issues and dually promoting Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme and subthemes.

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