Dubai launches ‘The City of Aladdin’

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Dubai launches ‘The City of Aladdin’

The City of Aladdin
Dubai launches ‘The City of Aladdin’ project on the marina of Dubai creek consisting of three lantern shaped towers.

Dubai plans to build ‘The City of Aladdin’ along the marina on Dubai creek.

Announcing the ambitious project, Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality today said that ‘The City of Aladdin’ will fully utilize the creek, building three towers spread over a distance of 450 meters and will consist of commercial offices and hotels.

The towers, which consists of 34, 25 and 26 storeys, are shaped to mimic the legends of the past with a modern touch, as the development is on the prime location of the legendary Dubai Creek. Dubai authorities are hoping to have the emirate’s Creek area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lootah stressed that the new project will take care of the environmental issues citing that that the project is located outside the protection zone.

“The development of such a project in this area will have the effect of cultural and historical global and pride for generations to come and contribute to the progress of the emirate and its survival always,” he said.

The total area of ??the project is estimated to be about 110,000 square meters, including 10,000 square meters bridges for traffic movement. The total area that can be rented is about 66,000 square meters, and will be developed in each of the three towers. The parking lots will be built on the sides of the harbor area and are linked by bridges with towers.

Lootah said the new project will strengthen the status of historical prestige that Dubai Creek holds as the lifeblood of business and an artery major economic movement in the Emirate. The City of Aladdin will adhere to the new urban development model to minimize any threat to the natural resources and biodiversity.

Image-via DxbMedia/Twitter

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