Dubai Offers $150,000 Smile  

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While I have no idea how a million dollar smile really is like, I can categorically vouch how does a nearly 150,000 dollar smile will be like.

Dubai Offers $150,000 Smile
Dubai Offers $150,000 Smile

A dental clinic in Dubai has cast a cosmetic frontal gold denture encrusted with diamonds worth AED 562,000 (USD 153,000).

“AED 100,000 from its sale would go to a children’s charity,” said Dr Majd Naji, Director of Liberty Dental Clinic, Dubai, which has crafted the denture.

Explaining the inspiration behind taking up this costly and unique endeavour, he said,

“When the people of the UAE received the title of world’s happiest people, the clinic thought about making the world’s most expensive smile and to offer parts of the proceeds from it to charity.”

He provided details about the making of the denture.

“We acquired authenticity and clarity certificates for the gold and the diamonds used in the denture from the International Gemological Institute in Belgium. Ten grams of 24-carat gold were used, in addition to 160 round diamonds that totaled 2.5 carats.”

The brace has been already booked by a UAE female customer while a second one has been ordered by a Qatari customer

The denture fitting does not require drilling or filling of teeth and is purely a slip-on ornamental piece.

The denture will receive a certificate from Guinness World Records for the most luxurious smile.

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