Dubai introduces rewards system for safe drivers

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Dubai Police announced they have started a white points system to encourage motorists to follow traffic rules and help cancel black points, local media reported on Wednesday.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, said under the new initiative, drivers of vehicles registered in the emirate will be awarded a point for each month they keep a clean sheet of traffic or road toll (Salik) fines.

According to the report, a motorist loses his entitlement to the month’s point if involved in any kind of accident or if they committed a violation during that month.

Under the first ever positive points system in the Middle East, conditions to be eligible for the white points system include not having any traffic violation on the driver’s licence or the vehicle registered in the name of the driving licence holder during the year — that includes Salik fines and traffic fines in other emirates, the report added.

If someone is driving a vehicle licensed by someone else and commits a violation, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle will forego any white points for that month.

After one year, drivers will be able to redeem the white points for gift vouchers at select outlets, or use them to cancel black points accrued either before or after the clean sheet.

Motorists will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a car if they keep a clean sheet for five continuous years, the announcement said.

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