Dubai sets two skydiving world records simultaneously

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Skydive Dubai Breaks Balloon Jump Record Team
Skydive Dubai Breaks Balloon Jump Record Team. Photo-Juan Mayer/SkyDiveDubai

Skydive Dubai  not only offers  adrenaline rush filled skydives over the spectacular city of Dubai, but is now, a proud recipient of two Guinness world records.

It has been confirmed on Friday by the Guinness world records, that a group of divers set the world record for “the maximum number of people to parachute from a balloon in the same flight” along with the “maximum number of   people to skydive from a balloon simultaneously.

The feats were made possible after the Skydive Dubai Air Balloon Pilot, Mike Howard proposed collaboration with Balloon Adventures UAE. The event took place on February 10,2013 at The Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Drop Zone, located in Mergam, 35 kms away from Dubai city.

40 people launched themselves into a dive from the balloon, of which 25 dove simultaneously, thus creating two records in unison. Previously the most people to parachute from a balloon were recorded in 2003, set by members of Paraclub Flevo, Lelystad in  Netherland.

A Skydiver in Dubai performing during the Record breaking Balloon Jump
A Skydiver in Dubai performing during the Record breaking Balloon Jump. Photo-Juan Mayer/SkyDiveDubai

“It took us two weeks of planning and preparing all the scenarios that we might encounter and our reaction to it. We needed the weather to be perfect to proceed,” explained Howard.

The problems faced during the course of attempting the world record included finding skydivers to volunteer in the jump. In addition to this, there was the logistic concern of locating the skydivers once they had landed. There were 40 divers who needed 40 different landing points to prevent the cause of any accidents. According to Raul Bocanegra, the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus Manager, the team had no idea when the balloon would stabilize to allow the divers to make the jump.

Peter Kollar, the event’s main pilot, was also trained on parachute emergency and safety procedures.

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