Dubai-based Spinneys reap benefits from SAP HANA

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Dubai-based Spinneys Supermarkets implement SAP HANA platform helping them to make better-informed decisions much faster, helping serve customers better

Dubai-based Spinneys reap benefits from SAP HANA
Spinneys management team. Dubai-based Spinneys Supermarkets reap benefits from implementing SAP HANA platform

In-memory computing (IMC) is quoted as one of the top 10 technology trends for 2013. Jumping on this trend is Spinneys Dubai, a leading food retailer in the UAE, who recently implemented SAP’s real-time in-memory technology platform SAP HANA. This groundbreaking solution combined with the leading visualization and analysis capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects immediately allowed Spinneys to explore and analyze large quantities of their data from a vast array of sources more effectively, at record speeds.

Clariba, a leading business analytics consultancy in the Middle East, was a key player in ensuring the successful implementation and immediate results.

“We can now not only get supplier delivery performance reports in a short amount of time, but more importantly, we can now track in real time a supplier’s performance at a level of granularity that was not possible to achieve before,” said Rohith D’Souza, responsible for business analysis & development, Spinneys Dubai. “This solution makes it easier for us not only to store vast quantities of data, but also to retrieve and analyze it at record speeds, with a lot of flexibility on how we build reports. If you take for example our Inflation Report which used to take three hours to run; we now have results in less than three minutes.”

“The main goal for Spinneys is to make sure that all decisions we make are the right ones for our customers. This solution is helping us to streamline internal processes, allowing us to make better-informed decisions much faster, and ultimately, helping us serve our customers better. That’s what we strive for every day,” added D’Souza.

“As every retailer, Spinneys has increasing amounts of data from point-of-sale transactions and on the operational side – purchasing, stock, and financial data. Understanding stock levels and wastage, and forecasting inventory movements are critical to manage the profitability of a retail organization. With SAP HANA, Spinneys management now has speed-of-thought analytic capabilities available at their fingertips,” says Marc Haberland, managing director, Clariba.

Qais Gharaibeh, managing director – UAE, SAP MENA says, “Spinneys has shown great ambition by investing in technology that can transform its operations. In particular, it will be able to become more nimble and profitable, while also delivering a more engaging and relevant shopping experience to its customers. SAP HANA is all about real-time efficiency, intelligent insight and achieving previously unattainable levels of innovation.”

Spinneys has started applying the technology in several initiatives such as their Category Performance Improvement (CPI) process, which cascades corporate strategies down to the product level, analyzing sales and shopping trends to ensure the optimal mix reaches the final customer.

The company is also thrilled with, and will shortly start tapping into all the possibilities that SAP BusinessObjects’ Mobile Business Intelligence brings. “A manager can go down to the store, tablet in hand, analyze a range of products and its performance on the shop floor. If there is a gap on the shelf, he can instantly see if the stock of the product is low, and if a purchase order has been placed for it already. All in real-time!” concluded D’Souza. “This represents a big improvement in the way we will do things going forward. With this technology, the possibilities are limitless.”

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