Dubai hosts ‘health matters’ weekly Tweetfest

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DHA is committed to promoting health and lifestyle through a Questions and Answers session, on a scheduled Twitter meeting (known as a Tweet-up or Tweetfest), every Thursday, during the month of September.

After successfully completing a trial run, the Dubai Health Authority has decided to host a weekly Twitter clinic every Thursday starting this September.

The initiative to provide health tips via Twitter was launched during the holy month of Ramadan. The platform was widely appreciated by the general population and attracted several posts related to different health related issues. The DHA will extend the program to hold weekly sessions every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m, UAE time.

The platform will feature a team of health experts every week to discuss different topics related to health and well-being. Interested participants will be able to post their queries on @DHA_Dubai and receive a prompt response from the DHA team of doctors. The health experts will also share health tips and other practices that promote a healthier lifestyle.

Ghanim Lootah; “The initial response we received during the Twitter clinics that were held for the holy month of Ramadan was outstanding. We realized that people appreciated immediate responses to their queries and the answers were provided by experts in the field. For people with very specific queries, we advised them to visit a specialist but overall we were able to disseminate important health tips and information that is useful for a large audience.” — Ghanim Lootah, director of marketing and communications, DHA

A global study by GlobalWebIndex recently revealed that the number of active Twitter users has increased by as much as 40 percent globally and surged to 288 million users. The number continues to growing at a steady pace, with the Middle East remaining one of the fastest growing regions for Twitter. Encouraged by the tripling of its regional subscriber base during the Arab Spring, the company launched advertising services in the Middle East and North Africa earlier this year.

Due to the soaring popularity of Twitter, DHA is committed to promoting health and lifestyle through this medium. During the month of September, the program will feature topics including back-to-school tips for parents, importance of vaccination for Hajj pilgrims and a session on World Heart Day.

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