Dubai World Expo 2020: Towards Connecting Minds as One Fraternity

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The concept of World Expos predates to the mid-19th century with the inaugural Great Exhibition conducted in London in the year 1851. Since 1928 however, World Expos have been conducted by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) head-quartered in Paris, France with bids and tenders invited from all countries.

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The principle ideology behind the initiation of World Expos was to have an event that would integrate the like-minded groups from all over the world inviting them to share provide insights about the prevalent market and economic conditions, present facets about their cultural backgrounds and thereby give greater thrusts to their planned business and commercial endeavours. In addition to this, World Expos also looked at inviting people and enthusiasts to see cultural diversities as never before experienced thus encompassing the cultural diverseness of the whole globe under one, very huge umbrella.

The World Expos thus have a unique place of importance amongst other leading global events and affairs and because they are conducted every five years, there’s always lots to see, hear and understand in every World Expo event when juxtaposed when the preceding World Expo. Also since, every World Expo is outlined with a particular theme that specifically pinpoint to the core focus area of that particular World Expo, it follows that each World Expo event will be different and quite singular by itself.

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Come 2020, World Expo will be hosted at Dubai, the first to be held in this part of the world; in fact the first World Expo to be held in the entirety of Middle-east, South Asian and even the African regions.

Already preparations have started with no effort spared to make the event as highly successful – if not more – as its predecessors. The Emirati region which placed an almost 11th hour bid to host the event, once the biddings began in 2011 has now become an epicentre of bustling activity with nuances reverberating all across the entire Middle-east.

Dubai has long come to redefine the ‘melting pot’ terminology. In the past few decades, the region has not only changed the perception of the world regarding the Middle-east, but has also changed the dynamics of the whole west versus east paradigm. It is a hub of intermingling traditions and values, a society where technological advancements and forward thinking blend seamlessly into the wild expanse of desert.

The theme for Dubai World Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ which in turn will elaborate and delve deeply into the aspects of sustainability, mobility and opportunity with a view to enrich the lookout for the forthcoming future. It is also a fitting theme that reflects the relevance and value addition that Dubai presents to the whole world in terms its profound commercial, traditional and cultural values.

INFOGRAPHIC: Expo 2020 – The Economic Impact on Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020 Economic Impact on Dubai
Dubai Expo 2020 Economic Impact on Dubai. Image courtesy- The Infographist
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