Dubai-Peru Trade Boosts

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dubai port aerial view

The trade exchange between Dubai and Peru registered a doubled growth rate in 2010 exceeding Dh 62 million from Dh 29 million in 2009.


Ahmed Butti, Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, said: ?Imports had the biggest share of the trade exchange between the two sides with a value of Dh48 million while the exports for Dubai to Peru were estimated Dh2 million and around Dh12 million value for re-exports.?

Butti added Dubai Customs is very keen to foster trade and economic relations with Peru. ?We are also set to provide all the necessary facilitations for the Peruvian business community, multiply trade exchanges and stretch the joint investments.? The Executive Chairman, who is also the Director-General of the Dubai Customs, recently launched a project named ERTIBAT (Interrelation) which is aimed to foster cooperation between the Dubai Customs and trade attach?s in Dubai and affiliated business councils.

?The project will enhance exchange of information and expertise to contribute to the development of customs business and serve the public interests.?

The Peruvian Consul General in Dubai Ro?mulo Acurio said Dubai Customs spares no effort in reinforcing legitimate trade movement.?The implemented business systems at Dubai Customs reflect its keenness to encourage trade and investors to practice their own businesses in the emirate.?

The Consul General added that at the top of the list of goods exchanged between the two countries as imports was textiles and vegetables. Dubai imports of textiles reached a figure of around Dh20 million last year, and imported vegetables had a value of about Dh10 million.

Peru is one of the main producers of silver, copper, zinc and gold worldwide. The country is also well known for its textile industry thanks to its top quality cotton. ?Though mining activity in Peru is very widespread, only 20 per cent of the natural metal resources had been discovered so far,? he said.

During their meeting on Tuesday Butti briefed the guest with the Department’s work and the facilitations the business community is provided with. Mr. Acurio confirmed Peru’s interest in furthering economic cooperation between the two countries. He spoke in praise of Dubai Customs’ efforts in reinforcing legitimate trade movement and the implementation business systems at the Department.

By establishing such well-based trade relations with the international community Dubai is strengthening its mark on the map and emphasising its position as a central business hub.

Sources: Khaleej Times, AME Info

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