Dubai’s undiscovered restaurants: Paratha edition

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Parathas are perhaps one of the few types of ethnic foods that seem to resonate well with just about every culture in Dubai. A flatbread that originated in the Indian sub-continent, parathas are made out of whole-wheat flour and generally contain a vegetable filling. Whether you choose to eat them straight or use them to complement your meal, it is paramount to find a good paratha. I took it upon myself to search for Dubai?s best parathas on behalf of Arabian Gazette.

Based on the name, Paratha King seemed like the obvious choice to start with. Boasting over 100 varieties of parathas, one is certain to be royally spoiled for choice. Their menu includes everything from ?stuffed parathas to dessert parathas. Seeing a paratha filled with kebabs for the first time, I opted for the hara bhara kebab stuffed paratha, which was undeniably scrumptious. However, the 14 dirham price tag was a surprising given that most other stores charge from AED 2 to 6. When I asked why their prices were noticeably higher, I was told that it was because they provided complementary items with the paratha. Seems to me like they might be slightly misguided about the definition of ?complimentary?.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a meat filled paratha, you will not find anything at this vegetarian establishment. However, Ravi Restaurant emerged as the obvious winner in non-vegetarian paratha category. Their keema (mince meat) parathas are nothing but delectable mouthfuls of buttery bliss. This restaurant has done so well for itself that a handful of restaurants have opened up with similar names. Sadly, the parathas made at these imitation restaurants are no comparison to the real deal.

Chak De India, a small restaurant in Karama, also produced a noteworthy paratha. Their chilli cheese paratha, made with real green chillies, may appear daunting to one with low tolerance for spice. Yet they managed to find the perfect balance between cheese and chilli, managing to achieve the impossible by making this paratha appealing to people of varying spice level tolerances. Bangalore Empire gets an honourable mention for their coin parathas, which are possibly the fluffiest parathas in the city. The final verdict? Paratha King truly are the kings of paratha in Dubai.

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