Dynabook to Launch Toshiba Rebranded Laptops in Middle East

Dynabook to Launch Toshiba Rebranded Laptops in Middle East
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Dynabook Europe recently announced the introduction of three new laptops, the Portégé X30-F, the Tecra X40-F and the Portégé A30-E.

First devices revealed following the rebrand of Toshiba’s computer business to ‘dynabook’

New devices reflect dynabook’s commitment to the B2B PC market in the Middle East, featuring latest technology, improved connectivity, extensive security and Modern Standby

The devices are the first to be dynabook-branded in the Middle East following the rebrand of Toshiba’s computer business in April of this year, and further demonstrates the company’s dedication and expertise in the B2B PC market.

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X30-F and X40-F

Elegantly designed new laptops with a range of features to provide seamless connectivity and reliability. They benefit from Modern Standby, the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (Whiskey Lake) which improves battery life up to 17 hours¹, and newly added Intel® Optane™ Memory. They also boast new upgrades including a hardware precision touchpad (PTP) with wake on fingerprint capabilities. Both devices also include WiFi 6, the latest standard providing faster WiFi with more capacity. In addition, a newly designed fan improves airflow and cooling by lowering fan noise.

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Weighing in at just 1.2kg², this lightweight, reliable and durable business laptop, combines the latest in security and connectivity features for the mobile worker. Designed for the mid-market, enterprise, education and public sector segments.

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Damian Jaume, President of Dynabook Europe GmbH comments “Toshiba launched the world’s first laptop computer in 1985 (the T1100) and followed it up with the world’s first notebook computer – the DynaBook J-3100 SS001 in 1989. Now, as Dynabook Europe we are launching three new laptops for the B2B space, that continue the trend for quality, security, and innovation expected of the dynabook brand. These new devices epitomize our rich heritage of over 30 years of innovation in mobile computing and signify our renewed commitment to investment. These devices offer advanced features to support new ways of working – at an affordable price point.”

Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F: Seamless connectivity, premium performance, and established reliability

The latest generation models are equipped with Windows 10 Modern Standby (MS), an evolution of the Windows 8.1 Connected Standby power model that enables the smartphone power model on a PC, which in partnership with the ‘wake on fingerprint’ feature provides the instant on/off experience that users have come to expect of their mobile devices.

Further improvements for both the Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F devices include WiFi 6 the latest standard providing faster WiFi with more capacity. This next generation of WiFi, based on the 802.11ax standard, is the next step in wireless connectivity that will bring blazing fast and responsive connections and the capacity to handle dense hyperconnected environments.

With a 13.3-inch display and its ultra-light magnesium chassis, the Portégé X30 is just 15.9mm and weighs just 1.05kg² and has a battery life of up to 17 hours¹. The Tecra X40 is just 16.9 mm and weighs 1.25kg² – an ultrathin laptop with a 14-inch display and battery life of up to 12.5 hours.

Another key evolution in the devices is the new S-Type fan. This new fan has been developed to provide an improved cooling effect (air volume increased by 10%), while lower rotation speed results in quieter operation.

Portégé A30 E: Premium portability, utmost durability

The Portégé A30-E is designed for productivity, usability and portability, boasting a thin form factor and weighing as little as 1.2kg (dependent on model). A bright non-glare screen makes it highly legible in even the most challenging lighting conditions, with the option of low-energy Full HD to deliver an even higher screen brightness. Maximum productivity is ensured by up to 14 hours of battery life and accurate control via the Precision Touch Pad, while a fast boot-up enables work to begin in seconds. Developed for the durability and reliability required by today’s mobile workforce, the A30-E has been manufactured to stringent dynabook standards. It is tested to exacting MIL-STD-810G levels including drop, high and low temperature, and humidity tests.

Water-tight security, leading connectivity

The Portégé A30-E’s broad range of authentication features alleviates concerns about data falling into the wrong hands. The BIOS and SSD can be secured with a single sign-on biometric authentication, while an optional smartcard and two-factor authentication, featuring IR-based Windows Hello and an in-built fingerprint reader, further bolsters the laptop against data breaches.

The A30-E offers a host of cutting-edge connectivity features and the ability to link with a wide range of peripherals, thanks to its flexible USB Type-C port. If there is a need to connect to a greater number of peripherals, the optional USB-C dock enables this with a rapid and simple one-click connection. The wide selection of ports inside the chassis enables the user to continue working on the go without carrying numerous adapters.

Finally, all three devices: the Portégé X30-F, the Tecra X40-F and A30-E are designed to meet the highest standards for security. In addition to their in-house developed BIOS and TPM 2.0, these models support advanced security features such as Secure Launch protection and System Management Mode protection.

The Portégé X30-F, Tecra X40-F and Portégé A30-E will soon be available in the Middle East. For more information about the dynabook range please visit http://ae.dynabook.com/generic/business-homepage/

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