E-commerce in the Middle East [INFOGRAPHIC]

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E-commerce in the Middle East is booming, with seemingly unprecedented growth just on the horizon. If your business is active or if you are considering doing business in the GCC region, this infographic has plenty of practical e-commerce information for you.

The GCC has 90 million internet users, and in 2012 they spent over USD 9 billion online. By 2015, the region will be spending USD 15 billion online.

Games, computer software, electronics, clothes and accessories are the most popular e-commerce purchases in GCC, but other categories such as books and other educational products are popular in the region.

To easily and instantly ‘Tweet’ 25 fascinating statistics on e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region (which includes the GCC nations) click here.

Ecommerce in the Middle East - Infographic
E-commerce in the Middle East. Infographic courtesy of: Image-GoGulf.com
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  1. Neat infographics, but is there inconsistency in MENA & GCC growth estimation.
    Beginning paragraph says that GCC will grow to reach $15 billion in 2015 and in the infograph it says MENA would reach the same in 2015?!
    Can you please clarify.

  2. Also same goes for the Casho On Delivery method, one stat mentions it being dominating 70-80% then right under it is mentioned that COD forms 28%!

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