Eat your Breakfast!

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?I wake up at 8.30 in the morning. I allow myself to sleep for some more time and then when I open my eyes, it is usually 9-9.15. And I am late. I run to office. I start with my work, grab a cup of coffee. Sometimes I get to have lunch or I give it a miss. But I make up by eating at night. I feast at night and then off to sleep?, tells Sunil, who works in a multinational company.


?My day begins at 5 in the morning. Wake up the child, and then the husband; prepare their breakfast and lunch boxes, and see them all off by 7-7.15. By 7.30 I am exhausted! I have a cup of hot tea and relax for while before I start my day. Though I am a stay at home wife, there is a lot to do and I don?t find time to exercise. So I skip breakfast, snack on some biscuits or wafers during the day, have lunch with my daughter and then the day goes on?, Resmi explains a normal day.

Analyzing both these cases, Dr. Ujala Qasim says, ?I have met so many people like this. They have taken for granted that breakfast makes them fat or it is that meal that you can easily skip. I have time over again stressed this point to several patients that Breakfast is the important meal of the day; and by eating some healthy food in the morning they are doing themselves a favor.?

So what actually happens if I miss eating in the morning?

Dr. Qasim says, ?You have your dinner and after two three hours you are at bed. Though you are not physically active, the mechanisms inside you are on to keep you alive for which energy is needed. When you wake up and start with the chores, your body needs fuel. When you deny your body that; it enters into a fasting mode and lowers your metabolism. A low metabolism isn?t preferred because the amount of calories burnt is less. And when you take your next meal or snack-the body with its low metabolism isn?t able to use the food and most of it gets converted to fat.?

Along with this, breakfast is the first source of fuel to the body. The human body derives glucose from food which is needed to walk, talk and perform all activities. When you skip breakfast, your brain is forced to work extra hard in breaking down stored carbohydrates or to turn fats and proteins into usable forms of glucose. Having breakfast has been proven to improve concentration, increase your problem solving capabilities, enhance overall mental performance and even boosts your memory and mood.

?I know of many people who don?t have time in the morning to make a sandwich or a meal. My suggestion to them is carry a banana or any fruit of your choice. Yoghurt, (unsalted) nuts, sometimes even a slice of pizza from last night can be your breakfast. How long does it take to eat an apple, you can have it in the lift or munch on some almonds at your seat. Start your day with some healthy food options and eat smaller meals. This will do wonders to your fitness goals and a big favor to your body.?

Skipping breakfast may also cause health problems, especially for women. The Food and Nutrition Research Institute states in one of its study that 80 percent of women are calcium deficient and has attributed this to skipping breakfast. It was found that women prefer skipping breakfast due to lack of time and this results in a calcium deficient diet, physical, mental and emotional stress. The report also stated that skipping breakfast increases risk of heart problems.

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