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The traditional American funeral is being seen as costly to many now, burning not just holes in the pockets of the deceased person’s relatives, but also tens of thousands of trees every year.

Americans are looking for more eco friendly funerals to bury their loved ones. These environmentally friendly funerals are expected to become popular in the U.S., as Americans are adopting greener methods for all their doings, from recycling material, to using fuel efficient vehicles.

?A ?green? burial is one where the decedent is buried without toxic embalming, an outer burial container, concrete liner or metal vault, in a 100 per cent biodegradable container.

The graves are planted with native trees and?flowers.?Natural?boulders?serve as headstones.? Bodies are interred in simple wooden coffins?or a shroud.

The environmental costs for traditional funerals in North America include:

  • There is enough formaldehyde from embalming to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool each year.
  • Tens of thousands of trees a year are used for coffins, many of which are rare tropical hardwoods.
  • The steel used in caskets and vaults could build one Golden Gate Bridge a year.
  • The concrete used every year is equal to building a highway from California to the Canadian border every year.

On average, a traditional burial costs $10,000 each, but an ‘eco-funeral’ could reduce this cost by half. For economic and environmental reasons, people could opt for this greener option. spoke to Lucy, a resident of Dubai, on the matter. She commented, “This is a very good alternative to the traditional American burial, but I know about it only because you told me something like this exists. I’m sure it will be accepted by many in the U.S.We like the green solution to everything.”

Lauren a mother of two told us that she is very happy to hear about this. ?To preserve the planet for my grandchildren I definitely would love to go this way.?

Down side

Funeral houses make money in creating the most extravagant funerals, which includes the coffin, the suits and many other things. Going eco would be good for the plant but funeral houses would not be happy.

Mortuary Gomes, a funeral house in Chicago told that they find this trend shocking. ?Our livelihood is dependent on how the family of the deceased wants the funeral to be handled, going eco might eat our profits. Well it wont happen anytime soon? they told us.

This trend would not catch up everywhere, anytime soon.

For an international level impact, individuals encouraging this type of burial need to market the benefits of the eco-funeral well.

Source: Menamagazine, goddiscussion

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