Effective Measure Data Reveals Growth of UAE Digital-Savvy Networkers on LinkedIn™

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Press Release

DUBAI, 10 April 2012 – Effective Measure, the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets, today reported the latest data on LinkedIn™’s growing reach into the Middle East North Africa (MENA), with over 60 percent of its audience in February identified as a Connector, Salesperson and Early Adopter. This data, featured on Effective Measure’s industry-standard market intelligence tool, OpenView, highlighted the emergence of a proactive, digital-savvy audience segment, with an affinity to socialize and expand networks in the Middle East professional landscape.

Effective Measure Vice President of Digital Insights, Brendon Ogilvy, said, “MENA is going through an exciting phase of development, and along with it comes the need for top talent. LinkedIn™ has played a significant role in providing a large resource where digital-savvy professionals invested in the region can grow their networks and companies of all sizes may find perfect candidates to fill roles.”

LinkedIn™ audience profile in UAE

• A bulk of the audience identified as a Connector (well-networked socialiser) at 20.4 percent share, Salesperson (persuasive communicators) at 20.8 percent share and Early Adopter (risk takers keen on being the first to try new things) at 20.4 percent share.

• Females were a significant audience at 41.6 percent share – up 45 percent from the market average.

• Senior Managers and Professionals formed 64.3 percent of the audience, with the 25-30 age group and 35-40 age group featured prominently at a collective 44.3 percent audience share.

Ogilvy continues, “The high usage of LinkedIn™ in UAE by a salient audience that is defined by a driven and open attitude opens the door to many business opportunities, such as targeted advertising for professional services and networking events.

“With females featured significantly on LinkedIn™ in UAE, this suggests a paradigm shift in which the traditional social roles are challenged for the overall benefit of this promising emerging market,” concluded Ogilvy.

MENA-LinkedIn. Image: supplied


OpenView for LinkedIn™

Demographic data for linkedin.com in the month ending February 2012 was sourced from Effective Measure’s OpenView, based on a UAE selection.

About Effective Measure

Effective Measure is the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in the emerging markets, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers,
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