Effective Measure Takes the World Stage at I-COM Global Summit

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Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb and Regional MD- MEA Brendon Ogilvy
Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb (right) and Regional MD- MEA Brendon Ogilvy (left)

Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb and Regional MD- MEA Brendon Ogilvy illuminate the shifts in emerging online measurement.

ROME, 1 October 2012 – Effective Measure (EM), a  leading provider of digital audience profiling and measurement solutions, will present its unique global insights from the frontline of the emerging digital markets at the annual global gathering for online media measurement, I-COM (International Conference on Online Media Measurement) this October.

The I-COM Global Summit is held on October 16-18th, in Rome, Italy, bringing together thought leaders of the digital measurement industry who will canvass the current global measurement issues at play and distil the future initiatives shaping the sector’s dynamic growth.

Effective Measure’s recently appointed global CEO, Richard Webb, will be addressing the summit in addition to Effective Measure Regional MD- Middle East & Africa (MEA), Brendon Ogilvy.

“This year has proved to be a milestone in the sweeping shifts of audience media consumption as the transformation from traditional media platforms and habits to digital alternatives accelerates past its tipping point.  Publishers, brands and advertisers are now demanding that the measurement industry delivers on the promise of  authentic, transparent and industry-inclusive data and we are helping clients do just that,” said EM CEO Richard Webb.

Richard Webb will be addressing the global summit on the Day 2 session: The Rising Importance of Global Approaches to Measurement.

“The rise of the digital consumer in the emerging economies is raising the bar for a rigorous approach to global measurement and standardisation. Developed markets, industry politics and private equity have gotten in the way of simplification. The last mover is providing the global industry with its light bulb moment to necessitate the change towards a true, unified platform,” Webb states.

Brendon Ogilvy will speak on ‘Addressing Emerging Market Challenges’. “At I-COM, we will be sharing our insights drawn from working in some of the most dynamic and fastest growing digital markets in the world and demonstrating solutions that accelerate understanding of the data-rich material and analysis that is at our fingertips,” Ogilvy said.

This unique industry-backed event has been conceived with the support of the international bodies representing the most influential participants in the digital advertising industry including : ADMA (Asia Digital Marketing Association), EACA (European Association of Communication Agencies), GSMA (GSM Association), IAA (International Advertising Association), IAB Europe (The Trade Association for the Digital and Interactive Marketing Industry in Europe),  IAB LATAM (Interactive Advertising Bureau), IAB US (Interactive Advertising Bureau), IAB SEA (Interactive Advertising Bureau), IFABC (International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations), MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), OPA Europe (Online Publishers Association).

Australia will be exclusively represented by the Audit Bureau of Australia, featuring CEO Paul Dovas and Effective Measure.


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