Egyptian Success Story: The Egyptian Food Bank Forum

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 25, 2011

What a great event for Egyptians in the UAE to feel inspired and be proud. The theme for the Forum, said it all ? ?Egyptian Success Story?. On Saturday, June 25th,? Mr. Moez El Shohdy, kicked off the initiative by a very successful presentation on ?Egyptian Food Bank?; where Mr. Moez talked not only about the Food Bank significant accomplishments, but also inspired attendees and noted places where Egyptians outside of Egypt can live up to their promise.? According to Shayma Halawa, over 50 Egyptian expatriates attended the Egyptian Food Bank Forum to learn about the projects accomplishments.

With support from the expats in Dubai, “the Egyptian Food Bank continued the tradition of sharing generosity, community service and success associated with Egyptians in the United Arab Emirates and all over the world, ” said Moez El Shohdi.

The Egyptian Food Bank is a not for profit organization aimed at fighting hunger through different effective and innovative programs that have a continuous effect. Programs vary between feeding, volunteering and relief to raising awareness as well as providing development opportunities. With the motto ?Together against Hunger?, programs are executed in partnership with individuals as well as public and private sectors.

One very significant theme that ran throughout the forum was the significance of the Egyptians living outside Egypt to shaping Egypt?s future.? Indeed the focus on international has never been stronger and your contributions to the country?s success never more clearly valued and recognized as during this uprising of Egypt.? The event showed a clear consensus across Egyptians that their contribution is a critical component to achieving Egypt?s growth objectives.

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