elGrocer partners with YallaGive to raise funds and support Beirut in its rebuilding efforts

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elGrocer, the leading online grocery platform in the UAE, has partnered with YallaGive to provide financial support to Lebanon after a devasting blast ripped through Beirut Port on August 4th.

elGrocer partnered with YallaGive, one of the platforms in the UAE with the necessary approvals and organizations, to drive its first-ever donation initiative through its user base. All delivery fees, which is a significant portion of elGrocer’s revenue, collected during the 3rd weekend of August, were donated to the YallaGive platform as part of the Red Crescent Beirut Project, which is raising funds to provide urgent relief to thousands of people affected by the explosion.

“When you see friends, community, and people across the country donate for a cause, it is truly a moving experience. We wanted to provide financial assistance and raise funds on behalf of the residents in Dubai but were facing a challenge to identify companies that have the required municipality approvals for fund-raising. We, therefore, decided to continue our collaboration with YallaGive after the support they provided during the Sahem initiative in the holy month of Ramadan. It might be a long road ahead to rebuild Beirut, but we are happy that elGrocer and its customers have a way to give back to the community that is in so much need,” Said Xavi Nunes, Chief Marketing Officer, elGrocer.

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, many residents in the UAE wanted to assist in the form of money or food supplies to the people in Beirut. But they were forced to redraw their support due to the lack of municipality approvals since groups need to have the right approvals in the UAE to collect donations for other organizations or individuals. Companies in the UAE need to comply with certain regulations to raise funds, making it tricky for people to identify the right group or organizations. YallaGive is one of the fully legal platforms that has stepped up its initiative to generate enough funds for a country that is in need of support.

“Our hearts go out to the people who have been severely impacted by the catastrophic explosion. I am grateful to companies, such as elGrocer, for taking the initiative to help during this time of need. Rebuilding Beirut after the huge blast requires collective efforts, and elGrocer joining forces with Emirates Red Crescent is surely a step forward. We have just begun, and I hope to see this momentum increase as more corporates champion this social cause,” Said Abdulla Al Nuaimi, Founder of YallaGive. “We will continue to work towards our mission of empowering online fundraising initiatives by providing a secure and legal platform within the UAE, across the Middle East and globally,” added Al Nuaimi.

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